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Drifting Away

As far as I can remember, it’s only happened twice. The first time was a long time ago back when our children were very young. The second time was just a couple of weeks ago.  If I were a bit more spiritually aware, perhaps it would happen more often, who

knows?  But at the risk of sounding a bit unbalanced, I will share with you…..for lack of a better word…a vision I had.

It was on a Sunday morning.   I was sitting in the balcony of our church in Nashville, TN with Steve by my side.  Keep in mind that I had just spent several days prior to this experience watching both the Republican and the Democratic party conventions on television.  So, it’s no surprise to me that my mind was saturated with all things political after witnessing the raw meat of partisan sniping for endless hours.

As I sat listening to the sermon, I suddenly realized I was no longer sitting in the pew of our church, but instead I was sitting in the balcony of the democratic convention. From the elevated vantage point I observed the activity and movement below.  All of a sudden, I saw a very large hand reach for the edge of the scene and peeled back the façade.  What I saw was very unsettling.  Just below the surface of activity was a mass of maggots.  They were crawling and squirming and moving about.  There were larvae of every of hue.  Somehow I knew I was watching the political scene as God sees it and it was not pretty.

Before I could think about what I had just witnessed, my mind was drawn to the opposite side of the balcony.  There before my eyes was another political convention.  I knew in my heart this was the Republican gathering.   Then the same giant hand reached and pulled back the picture and there was the same scene ….a mass of maggots moving about.  It looked identical to what I had witnessed on the other side.

I then heard a booming voice say emphatically, “TRUST ME!!  TRUST ME!! TRUST ME!!

That was it.  As quickly as it started, the vision was over. I was back in my seat at church.  It took me a few days to process this experience and to realize what I had just seen.  I didn’t share it with Steve until a couple of days later.  When I did, I shared my interpretation of the vision.

When you mix power, money and self-interest together, regardless of the political ideology, it’s inevitable you are going to end up with corruption.  It is obvious that neither political party is the answer for the mess we are in as a nation.  Repentance and a return to the moral, biblical principles this country was founded upon is the only hope for us as Americans.  So, the question begs, who do we vote for, or do we even vote at all if both political parties are equally bent?  The answer to that question is simple for me.

Yes, I will vote.  Every citizen of this nation has the opportunity and the obligation to participate in the process.  However if both parties are imperfect how do we decide where to place our vote? 

One of the speakers at the Republican Convention, Rick Santorum said that while both parties have shortcomings there is one party that is determined to protect the life of the unborn and one party that is determined to protect the ideal that marriage is between a man and a woman.  It is for that reason I have made my decision.

If we vote strictly along economical issues, then we can argue all day about who is right and who is wrong.  But for me, life and marriage issues are the heart of God.  As long as there is one political party that is willing to stand on those issues, they have my vote.  When and if they abandon those principles, they have lost me as a supporter.

This is an election season, like it or not.  I will cast my ballot, but I will put my TRUST in God.  “TRUST ME!!  TRUST ME!!  TRUST ME!!  Still rings in my ears.

A few years ago, Steve wrote a song that reveals our only hope as a country.  It was true then, it’s still true today.  Let this musical picture of our country motivate you to join with the hundreds of thousands of Christians across this great land who are willing to stand in the gap and pray for God’s mercy on us as a people.


Listen to audio:  Drifting Away

(This song is available only at this sight at this time)


Drifting away, drifting away

The great ship America is drifting away

Once she was safe in God’s harbor but now she is headed for dangerous waters

Let’s pray, cause she’s drifting away


Might have been in the sixties when her rope came untied

When too many people said, “God must have died!”

Might have been in the seventies when her anchor let go

When five judges ruled in the favor of Roe


Might have been in the eighties when her engines went cold

When she put her trust in her silver and gold

And when the nineties have passed us will history reveal

That this great ship went down cause man took the wheel


Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI

(This song is available only at this site at this time)