I’m living proof that the prayers of a mother and/or father that are offered for their spiritually wayward child can be effective.

Steve with parents, P.J. & Lillian

In 1970 I left home as a straight-laced preacher’s kid and went into the Navy. Within a month or two of being away from the environment of the Christian home where I was raised, I began to dabble in the “pleasures of sin.” Slowly I drifted away from the safe harbor of a relationship with Christ and the light that was fading in my eyes did not go unnoticed by my parents. Each time I would return to my hometown to visit they could see that I had drifted a little further from the way they had raised me.

Their hearts were broken by my waywardness, but in no way did they allow the situation to overwhelm them and drive them to silent despair. Instead, the intensity of their pleading to the Lord to guide me back to fellowship with Him grew stronger with each passing day.

I am grateful to report that God heard their prayers. In 1974 I turned my heart toward my eternal home, got things right with God and have walked in His redemption since then.

I wrote the following song called, “Reachable,” to encourage other parents who might have a child who is a prodigal to not give up praying for them. God knows exactly where they are and how to speak to their hearts. 


Listen to the song: Reachable



There’s a boy, in his mother’s prayers

Cause lately she’s been aware

That he’s been drifting, too far from the shore

And she’s beginning to believe, the boy is getting out of reach

Weary mother, don’t you worry anymore


Cause the boy is reachable, Oh he’s reachable

And to God he’s visible, and all things are possible

Cause if the Lord can reach His hand of love through time

And touch a cold, sinners’ heart like mine

The boy is reachable, oh he’s reachable


There’s a girl on her father’s heart

Cause lately they’ve drifted apart

And the company she’s keeping leads her further away

And he’s beginning to believe, the girl is getting out of reach

Weary father, hold on, heaven hears you when you pray


Cause the girl is reachable, oh, she’s reachable

And to God she’s visible and all things are possible

Cause if they Lord can reach his hand of love through time

And touch a cold, sinner’s heart like mine

She’s reachable, oh, she’s reachable


Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI

From the CD: “Family Favorites”


  1. I was visiting Bro. Barry Spears church in Columbia SC with my sister who had to move up there for a while due to her husbands job. I don’t really like being away from my home church on Sunday Mornings but I am so glad I was there for that service! Bro. Spears asked his Uncle and Aunt to sing and they sang this song. There was not a dry eye in the building when they got done! There was no message that morning except that this song was sung and we prayed! I have a cousin who is only 19 and her baby will be a year old in June. I also have a Father who is not saved and this song just touched my heart to be reminded that God hears us when we pray and that He can still reach those we think have gone too far! I have 4 children. Three boys (8,6 & 3) and one little girl(2) and I want them to grow up serving God and participating in the church activities. I want them to marry Christian mates and raise their children for the Lord! I know that I am only human and will fail if we try to guide them by ourselves but God can guide them and help them where we can’t. To know that I serve a God Who can do what this song says He can is amazing! Thanks for writing this song and I thank God for putting it on your heart!

    • Kellie
      Thank you for your encouraging words. I know many parents can relate to your fervent desire to pray for your children. I encourage you to join our Wednesday’s Prayer Community. Check out the song on Week 3. I know it will further encourage you to keep praying for your little ones.

      • Thanx so much for your reply! So many websites have these comment sections and you don’t get a reply so thank you. Thank you for your encouragement!

      • Abigail Elizabeth Hoare says

        This song has been on my heart for over 19 years that I got saved as a teen. I can’t find the mp3 but I’m so glad I found the lyrics.

        God bless you guys…!!

  2. Patti Stoudt says

    This song was an encouragement years ago when my brother distanced himself from our family. The song echoed my prayers. The Lord healed that relationship after 15 years of prayer. Now the song is encouraging me with our wayward son. Thank you for your ministry to families and your songs which touch hearts with just the right words.

    • Steve and Annie says

      We very much appreciate you letting us know that Reachable has been so meaningful to you through the years. We pray with you that God will now draw your son to Himself.The Lord doesn’t have to wonder what it will take to accomplish this eternally important goal. May your trust in His ability be made stronger daily. Thanks again for your comment.
      S&A Chapman

  3. This song is beautiful. I first heard it on the radio yesterday while I was driving to work. I felt like God was comforting me. I have a 20 year old daughter who is going through some tough times right now. My husband and I are exhausted and not feeling well because of the heartache. When I got home from work I shared this song with my daughter. She was in tears. She is getting Pastoral help. Thank you for your songs and your dedication to helping others.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thank you for your response to this song. May the Lord bless your deep and unfailing love for your daughter. May she know that God’s love for her is even greater!
      S&A Chapman

  4. My wife, Barbara, and I have sung this song in hundreds of concerts in various countries around the world and the message is powerful. One time we sang this to a mom-of-4 that we knew…one a prodigal… We knelt down in front of her in the audience and tried to sing…tears got in the way. we mostly made it through the song. We met Steve and Annie at a Created To Praise worship conference we sponsored at a church in Arlington Heights, IL.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Dave…a sincere thanks for your encouraging report about “Reachable.” We are so grateful for your usage of the message and pray that God will continue to bless the fruit of your compassion. S&A

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