Celebrating A Life Well Lived

A Life Well Lived

Not long ago I went to the funeral of my dear friend, Sharon. I watched as family and close friends gathered around their loved one to say their final goodbyes. They talked about what a fun person she was to be around, how she was quick to help those in need, and that her home was always open and inviting to those in the neighborhood.  Several folks told funny stories about the life we had gathered to celebrate.

I have to admit, as I chuckled at the delightful tales that were told I also silently dealt with the sobering and rather disconcerting realization. A contemporary had finished her race sooner than I thought was fair.  In my estimation, Sharon was still young and beautiful despite the last couple of years of battling a disease that had turned her body against her.    As I watched her life play in pictures on the video screen in the sanctuary I was struck by how quickly she went from early childhood to her latter days of illness.

Sharon had finished her race, she kept the faith and left a legacy of love and grace.  As I struggled with saying farewell to my friend a lyric came to my mind that Steve wrote several years ago based on a portion of Psalm 90.

“As for the days of our life… soon it is gone and we fly away.” (v 10)

I was comforted by knowing that Sharon had reached her destination safely. If you have said goodbye to a loved one perhaps this song will offer solace to you as well.


Listen to the audio: We Will Fly

We Will Fly      (From the CD, “Love Was Spoken”)


Resting beneath the ground

Waiting to hear the sound

That the trumpet will make

Then we’ll awake and arise


And together we’ll meet Him in the air

And the Savior of us all will be there

And every sorrow we have known

In that moment will be gone and we will fly

We will fly


We will fly away, we will fly away

I’m longing for that day, when we fly, fly away


And among those who rest in quiet sleep

Are the faces of ones so dear to me

There’s comfort in this truth I know

The grave will let them go and we will fly

We will fly away


(Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI)



  1. Alan Carlson says

    I was wondering how to get he music and chords for the song Finish Well.
    We were at one of your marriage enrichment seminars and that song has been in my mind ever since.

    I would like to teach that song to my congregation
    Thanks for all you do in ministry.

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