You Will Always Be Mine

We’ve had a request to post the song, You Will Always Be Mine, for downloading. Thanks so much! We hope this message of unconditional love for your children will be an encouragement to your family.

Also, here’s a video that features a live acoustic version of the song…


You Will Always Be Mine

You were born to me, I was there

And I remember your mother’s pain

I was very proud to let you have my name

And I want you to know, wherever you go

Or whatever you do

If you’re the president or a prisoner, you are my child

And I will always love you…cause


You will always be mine

And you can lean on me anytime

Whatever you do, I will always love you

You will always be mine


And I’m living for the day when I hear you say,

“Daddy, I’ve been born again!”

And the Savior will tell you what I’m telling you now

Cause I got the words from Him… He’ll be saying,


“You will always be mine

And you can lean on me anytime

Whatever you do, I will always love you

You will always be mine!”


Steve Chapman/Shepherds Fold Music/BMI  1981  – Available on the CD, Tools For The Trade




  1. Randy and Peggy Nordin says:

    That song is so beautiful. I had not listened to it for awhile. I had to work the Sunday that Galen and Julie sang it in church and on my way home from work tonite (75 min drive) I listened to the sermon titled HONOR and OBEY Galen based his sermon on Eph. 6: 1-4 Before the sermon he and Julie sang this song. I just had to go to your web page when I got home to hear you two sing it yet again. Thank God for Steve and his awesome ability to write lyrics like this and then put it to such beautiful music with such awesome harmony with Annie’s beautiful voice!!! It has been my heart’s cry as Randy and I have raised our kids and now the joys of grandparenthood. God is so good! We’ll Praise HIM! When is that little new one of yours due. Praying all is well with you and yours. IN HIS GRIP Peggy Nordin at Lancaster, MN. Galen’s little 7 yr. old grandson Jaydon was dx. with Kawasoki disease(google it) an autoimmune disorder that can be treated PTL! We have been praying hard, they thought it was something with his liver so hopefully this is better. Please pray for Jaydon!

    • Thank you, Peggy for your encouraging words. I know you and Randy love your family very much. My grandma Eckard always said that from the minute you find out you’re expecting a baby,you spend your whole life worrying about them and if you out live them, you grieve yourself to death over them. I didn’t understand what she meant when I was a child…now I understand.
      Dear Lord, please keep our children and grandchildren safe in your loving care. Amen.

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