Seasons of a Man

Its always interesting and humbling to know that folks are so moved by the songs we’ve written that they are motivated to “marry” the songs to their video images or photos. Such is the case with the video linked to this post. We offer our thanks to “pastorusty” for creating this tender visual with the song, “Seasons of a Man.”

A note about the song, without exception it was the most challenging I have ever written. The goal of putting a long life into 3 minutes was not easy. Choosing the word pictures that would be familiar to most of us took a lot of pondering, in fact, it took almost a year to settle on them. The song was released on the “Times & Seasons” CD in 1986.

The springtime voice is our son, Nathan, who was around seven years of age. The summertime voice was a fourteen year old named Paul Terry Hester, I did the voice of autumn and at the time I was nearing forty. The voice of winter was Steve Barron.

Obviously each of the singers have moved on into other seasons of their lives. Steve Barron is now enjoying the eternal spring.

We hope you enjoy the video and thanks again to “pastorusty” for his creation.

Steve Chapman


Seasons of a Man

I am the springtime, when everything seems so fine

Whether rain or sunshine, you will find me playing

Days full of pretending, when a dime is a lot to be spending

A time when life is beginning, I am the springtime


I am the summer, when days are warm and longer

And the call comes to wander, but I can’t go far from home

When the girls become a mystery, and you’re barely passing history

Thinking old is when you’re thirty, I am the summer


I am the autumn days, when changes come so many ways

Looking back I stand amazed that time has gone so quickly

When love is more than feelings, its fixing bikes and painting ceilings

Its when you feel a cold when coming, I am the autumn days


I am the winter, when days are cold and bitter

And the days I can remember number more than the days to come

When you ride instead of walking, and you barely hear the talking

And goodbyes are said too often, I am the winter

But I’ll see spring again in heaven, and it will last forever


Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music, Inc/BMI / Available on our “Tools for the Trade” CD



  1. Good one!! We have always loved this song. So fun to know the background of it as well. Keep up the good work.
    Curt and Delite Christman

  2. Randy and Peggy Nordin says:

    That was beautiful! Makes me realize even more the brevity of life and how we need to cherish each moment. They can talk about green coffee beans or whatever to prevent aging etc. God is in control and we all are aging like it or not, and God is good and each stage of life is precious. I am so amazed by HIS AMAZING LOVE. Thank you for that video and you Steve for the song. You and Annie are so special to us. May God richly bless you and your family.

  3. Esther Graber says:

    This song has been on my mind all week! I have been preparing a devotional for a ladies’ brunch at our church. I was given the theme, “Seasons of Life.” I could not remember the title, so I just now googled the first few words of the song. So here I am, and here they are in such a beautiful setting! Thank you for posting this, and for your ministry in music to our family, and to so many others! God’s richest blessings on you and yours!

  4. Betsey Knox says:

    I used to listen to this song while driving my kids to swimming lessons almost 30 years ago and usually cried, thinking about the brevity of life, and wishing my dad was ready in his winter to meet the Lord. I’ve looked for this song for years and am so glad to finally find it.

  5. yolito de gracia says:

    I got saved in 1986, as a babe in Christ, I grew up with this song. I always listened to this song
    and it gave me challenges to use my momentary life for the Lord’s work. Now that I am serving as a local church pastor, I always wanted my children and church members to listen to this song but unfortunately i lost my cassette tape. I’ve been searching for this song ( original version ) and Praise God, I’ve finally found it. Thanks for posting. May the good Lord continue to bless and use you and your music ministry to build up God’s people. I hope you could also post the song ” Change us Lord, Remake us Lord..” ( not so sure if it’s the title). God bless and greetings from the Philippines.

  6. Carolyn Sneller says:

    Love your presentation! I am using the song as a devotion for the elderly-perfect. We have your old tapes and still love them. Your songs will live on forever; beautiful, and what a message!

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