Real Moments of Truth…New Book from Don Hicks

My good friend, Don Hicks, is not only my Indiana hunting buddy, he’s now a fellow author! I’m excited to announce to all sportsmen and women who love good reading that Don has released his first book titled…

Cover photo: Charles Alsheimer

Cover photo: Charles Alsheimer


“Real Moments of Truth…Stories From A Hunter’s Heart”

I was privileged to assist Don with the editing process and I can assure you that the stories included in this new book are filled with unforgettable adventure as well as life-changing spiritual insight. Don has a true heart of compassion for the hunter that is revealed on every page.

I encourage you to go to Don’s website and check out “Real Moments of Truth” and order a copy. Not only will you get a great book, Don also includes a free CD with each copy containing 7 of my songs for the hunter.

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Below is a video we did one day while sitting in a Double Bull blind during deer season. I’m asking Don some questions about his book. Enjoy the information… and make sure you stay through the outtake. You’ll find out why I enjoy being around this delightful man…



  1. Thank you Don! My brother, Jeff is a hunter, golfer…outdoorsman and God’s compelled me to pray for his Salvation since i was 16. I am now 45 and see years of evidence of God revealing His TRUE self to Jeff. My father and I talked when I was in my 20 or 30s about when God would bring my brothers back to Himself: and his prayer was that Jeff and his other 3 sons would see and want God, their heavenly father, in a personal relationship through God’s creation, all the enjoyment and adventure their loving, longing for a real relationship Heavenly Father is offering them. Trusting transformation with Christ “in” them is soon coming. Anticipating with God, beckyb ( P.S. I hope to get your book into their hands: )

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