I Want To Be Married! (“Is There Someone For Me?”)

I want to thank my dear wife for the unbelievable number of hours she spent gathering and archiving our “vintage videos.” Without Annie I’m not sure it would have ever been done.

As we looked through the recordings that were transferred from old VHS tapes to DVDs we found the performance of the song featured below that covers a topic that is important to a lot of people, that is, the challenge of singleness and the desire for companionship. 

Our original purpose for writing the song was twofold. One, we wanted to come alongside the person who is struggling with whether or not there is that “special someone” in their future and hopefully give them a way to let others know how they feel.  Another reason was to encourage those who are married to be more aware of the how intense the feelings can be in the hearts of those who long to also have a mate.

The quality of the film is not great but we hope the content will be useful for you. Please know that the only place that a recording of this song exists is in this post. Please feel free to forward the link to anyone who might be benefited by it.



Is There Someone For Me


I”ve been to the weddings of my new friends

They move out of my life then lonely moves in

Cause it just makes me wonder will it ever be

Will I ever meet that someone who will marry me?



I’m growing weary in waiting and I’m tired of the fears

That my single days might turn into years

Jesus come and help me come and walk with me

Help me wait till you answer, “Is there someone for me?”


Some friends already have sad stories to tell

How their love was mistreated, it didn’t go to well

When I hear how they feel, Lord it makes me afraid

I want to be sure when the choice is made




Steve & Annie Chapman/Little Dog Little Boy Music/BMI



  1. steve & annie, we truely appreciate your ministry ! we have a 27 yr old daughter that is beautiful, talented and very dear to us – she has been faithful to God all these years, yet remains single; much to her dismay. she desires very much for that special companionship that we as married couples are blessed with. we can only hope and pray that God will hear her hearts cry. as i was browsing thru your web site, and run across this song ” Is There Someone For Me ” i couldn’t help but to think about her and how this song might minister to her. she says that ” loneliness is a heavy cross to bear ” as she waits patiently on the Lord ! God bless your ministry, dean

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