Honoring A Wonderful Mom-Sylvia Alice Eckard Williamson

A Mother’s Day Tribute…


Sylvia Anne and  Sylvia Alice 1991

Sylvia Anne and
Sylvia Alice 1991

Nineteen years ago, on March 12, 1996, my sweet mother finished her race and went home to be with Jesus. She left behind her loving husband of 52 years (Dad joined her 2 ½ years later, to be friends forever) and six children who absolutely adored her.


The only true gift we leave behind for our loved ones is cherished memories. Mom left a lifetime of happy thoughts, funny stories and the knowledge that she loved her family dearly. Remembering Mom leaves me with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.


After Mom died, nearly every night I dreamed about her.  I can’t describe how terribly I missed her.  Six months after her passing I had a dream unlike all the others.  After telling Steve about it, he wrote the dream experience into this song.


If you are suffering the loss of a loved one, I hope this song will encourage you as it does me.  Although death is a thief, it cannot steal the memories or the impact our loved ones have on us.  If we know Jesus, we can look forward to seeing our friends and family again…in a much better place.   

She’d Rather Be with Me


Last night, in a dream, I saw my mother once again

Her face was so bright, as the family gathered in

Our favorite spring flower The Hyacinth

Our favorite spring flower
The Hyacinth
Photo by Heidi Beall

What a sweet reunion, all her children at her side

But I thought I saw a far away look in her eyes


And I said, “Lord, I don’t understand.  Seems she doesn’t care to stay

In that moment in my heart, I heard my Savior gently say;


“Every one she loves down here, and everything she held so dear

They don’t hold her any more.  It’s not like it used to be

She loves you, my child, but she’d rather be here with me.”


Then I awoke and realized, she cannot come to where I am

But someday I’ll go to be with her, in that far better land

Now, I can cry tears of joy cause I understand at last

My mother’s in my future, she’s not in my past.


“Cause everything one she loves down here

And everything she held so dear

They don’t hold her anymore, it’s not like it used to be

She loves you my child, but she’d rather be here with me

She loves you my child, but she’d rather be here with me.”


Words and Music by Steve Chapman/Times and Seasons Music/ BMI/1996

Available on the CD, “That Way Again”



  1. Karen Fraley says

    What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady. I will always remember the visits we had with her and your dad. Her delicious cherry pies and biscuits. She always wanted to feed us. When we were just starting out in life and on a tight budget, your dad filled our car with gas. He had no idea how much that meant to us at that time, or maybe he did. Both of them were so good to our kids and showed them a good time when we visited. We really miss both of them. Your mother died on my mother’s birthday which somehow that seems fitting. They are together now. They were what Aunts and Uncles are about. Thank God for sharing them with all of us.

    • Karen
      Thank you for your kind words about mom and dad. I know they loved you and your family very much. I didn’t realize Aunt Evelyn and mom shared a birthday and a home-going day. That is so special. I look forward to being reunited with all those who have gone before us. What a sweet reunion that will be.
      Much love to you and Dale.

  2. Karen Luckeydoo says

    Anne I had never heard this Song before it is so beautiful. Memories r so special. It’s funny that I heard this today it’s the 27th anniversary of Charlies death and memories r so special. I also enjoyed the 40 annie-versary video . Love u guys.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thank you for your friendship. Its hard to believe that Charlie has not been with us for 27 years. What a wonderful reunion awaits us!
      Blessings to you,

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