Memorial Day Tribute- “Took A Bullet For”

To honor the past and present members of our nation’s military who have sacrificed so greatly we offer this music video that features the song, “Took a Bullet For.”

Words & Music: Steve Chapman/Lindsey Williams

Vocal: Tim Buppert

Times & Seasons Music/Really Big Bison Music (BMI)

(Song and video available as a listen and viewing only on this website and You Tube)


  1. Francie Anderson says

    Very moving….. and beautiful lyrics. The photography added emotion appropriately and effectively.
    Well done!!
    Thank you!

  2. Carol Yarger says

    What a beautiful tribute to the men and women who have given so much to maintain our freedoms. A precious reminder that our freedoms come at great cost to many. Also a great reminder that we need to be on our knees before Almighty God thanking Him for the mercy He bestows on our nation that has turned it’s face from Him. How I pray that the sacrifices made are not taken for granted by our nation. God forgive us. Thank you for your beautiful tribute! Very well done!!

    • Steve and Annie says

      Carol, we so appreciate your comment and we fully agree that our freedoms are in jeopardy because of a national turning from God. However, we are encouraged when we think of the fact that there is a remnant of folks, like you, who have not forgotten Him and His mercies. For that reason, we believe, His mercies continue. Bless you for remaining faithful!

  3. Bradley Sloan says

    I’ve seen this video before and it brings tears to my eyes. I think of all the lives that have been lost to wars and all because man has went his own way and not followed God. Our nation is in serious trouble and our only salvation is turning back to God. The bible tells us what happened to the Israelites for going their own way and not following after God. I believe the same thing is going to happen to America. God is faithful and will bring those that love him through this time of trial and testing. We all need to be praying for and showing God’s love to those around us. Thank you for your labours in word and song.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Bradley, thanks for commenting. We pray with you that America will realize as a nation that our only hope for survival and enjoying peace is recognizing our dependence on Almighty God. And as we pray, it is comforting to know that God will not forsake those whose focus is the pursuit of righteousness. We want to be among that group and we know you want that as well.

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