A Song About A Great Dad!

     This song was written to honor my Dad who pastored for many years in Point Pleasant, WV. He is a well respected man of great integrity and I’m proud to be called his son.

     Happy Father’s Day to Paul J Chapman!


“Daddy’s Best Sermon” is available at this time only as a free video view. If you, too, were raised in the home of a Dad who was a pastor and who earned your respect, I hope you’ll share this song with him.

Steve Chapman



  1. You once had an album with a song about a husband and wife. The wife had cancer and I believe it was “No Regrets” or “We Have No Regrets”. Do you still have this wonderful song on a cd? I have a friend whose husband has stomach cancer and was talking to her about this song. Can you help me?

    • Steve and Annie says:

      Thank you for your inquiry about the song, “No Regrets.” It is on a currently available CD called, Family Favorites. You can see it on our music page.
      Regarding your friend’s husband, we pray that God will show Himself mighty on his behalf. May he receive a touch from The Great Physician and we pray that
      his family will be strengthened as they minister to his needs. Thanks again for connecting with us.
      Steve & Annie

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