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A Buck in the Grandchild Herd!

We are pleased to announce that along with the joy of four “doe” in the herd of Chapman grandchildren, on June 9th we welcomed the first “buck!”

L to R: Nathan, George, Paul and Steve

L to R: Nathan, George, Paul and Steve

Williamson George Chapman was born to our son, Nathan and his wife, Stephanie.

Steve’s parents, P.J. & Lillian Chapman, along with his sister, Jeannie, came to Tennessee to see the new addition and a photo was captured that features the four generations of Chapman men.

George is doing fine and his sister and three cousins are having a great time watching him grow.

Christian Sportsman-Radio and Magazine Interview with Steve

Steve was recently interviewed by Richard Jordan, founder of The Christian Sportsman Fellowship and editor of the magazine, The Christian Sportsman.

DSC_3599 2You can hear the interview by clicking here.  (It takes about 60-90 seconds for the show to load and play. After the hilarious Subaru commercial plays… keep waiting…its something that hunters know how to do!)

Also, Steve is on the latest cover of the magazine with a feature of the topics covered on the radio show. Click here to read the online magazine. When the CSF site comes up, look for the picture of the cover as seen to the left. (Again, allow the content to load in…you’ll enjoy the entire issue!)

On the radio show and in the magazine Steve answers some very interesting questions such as:

  • What motivates you to hunt?
  • How did your songwriting transition to writing books?
  • Favorite game animal to pursue?
  • Why is the outdoors a great way to connect with children?
  • Why do you speak at outdoor events?
  • What do you want readers to take away from your new book, “With Dad On A Deer Stand?”
  • and he’ll even answer…Have you ever fallen out of a tree stand!?

To learn more about The Christian Sportsman Fellowship and the Christian Sportsman magazine, click here.

Our thanks to Richard Jordan for this feature!




What Do I Do When I’ve Morally Failed? (David’s Song)

“What do I do when I’ve morally failed?”

When we are asked this question we always point to David’s response to moral failure that is recorded in Psalm 51. First, when Nathan the prophet helped David see that his adulteress actions with Bathsheba were sinful, he didn’t deny it. Instead, he “owned it.”

As difficult as it might have been for David to admit his sin, it was the first step to experiencing God’s forgiveness. With an awareness of his wrongdoing weighing heavy on his heart he was more willing to cry out to God for His mercy.

The words of repentance that came from David’s mouth were formed deep in his heart. They echo in the scriptures today for any of us to use who have come to grips with our sin. Thankfully, a songwriter named Mike Hudson captured those words as well as the emotion in them in his song we recorded called, “David’s Song.”

If you are struggling with guilt as a result of moral failure, let David’s cry be your own. Learn the chorus of this song and sing it each time a wave of guilt comes and tries to drown your spirit in guilt. Most important, may God impress on you that He has already answered your prayer. Forgiveness for sin of any kind was accomplished through the cross, the burial and the resurrection of Jesus. It is available right now. Accept it, thank Him for it and rejoice in it today!

“David’s Song”

In the spring of the year when kings go out

For fighting and for fame

Trumpets split the dawn

And the women waved, the children cheered

As the army marched away and I the king stood looking on


Have mercy on me O God, according to your steadfast love

According to your great compassion, blot out my many transgressions

And wash away all my iniquity, cleanse me from sin


In the cool of the night, when sleep should bring

An ending to the day

I climbed the palace stairs

And from my roof I looked below

And I would not look away from the woman who was there


Have mercy on me O God, according to your steadfast love

According to your great compassion, blot out my many transgressions

And wash away all my iniquity, cleanse me from sin


I sent for her, she came to me, I brought her to my room

Though she another’s wife

The night was sweet as we embraced, though passing much too soon

Then the day came like a knife


Oh God, why was I so hard hearted, why I was I so willing to give in

Please hold on to me, help me hold on to you

Don’t let me fall like that again


Have mercy on me O God, according to your steadfast love

According to your great compassion, blot out my many transgressions

And wash away all my iniquity, cleanse me from sin


Mike Hudson/Shepherd’s Fold Music/1983

From the CD, “Finish Well” / Steve & Annie Chapman/S&A Family




New Book For Hunters! by Steve Chapman

New book from  Steve Chapman

New book from
Steve Chapman

I am excited to announce that my latest book for hunters is now available. It is titled,

             “With Dad On A Deer Stand.”

This book features some of my own stories of hunts with our son and daughter as well as great stories shared by several others fathers, sons and daughters who have enjoyed hunting together.

This book is packed with the emotions that are unique to the father/child relationship. And, the adventures that are shared are not only entertaining to read, they are life-changing.

My hope is that “With Dad On A Deer Stand” will not only be a blessing as you read it, I hope it will inspire you to create your own lasting memories that can happen…with dad on a deer stand!

Steve & Nathan 1987

Steve & Nathan


Whether you’re a dad taking  your child hunting or an adult making a hunt special for your dad, you’ll enjoy this book!

“With Dad On A Deer Hunt” can be purchased here at our website by clicking here You can also find it on many of the Choice Book shelves at airports, grocery stores, restaurants, and truck stops, and at Lifeway as well as other Christian bookstores.

If you order a copy here at our website and would like it signed to someone, be sure to let us know  by sending us an email right after you place the order using the address on the “contact” page on this website.

Please note that at present we have a only a few copies on hand but we should be well stocked by July 25th. You’re welcome to go ahead and order and we’ll ship it as soon as our order arrives.

Blessings on your upcoming season!