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Hear an Interview with Steve on “Field Dressed”

Theme Background-Field DressedI was privileged to do an interview with two gentlemen named Josh Cantrell and Kevin King on their podcast called “Field Dressed.” It will be aired on Nov. 15th!

On the episode we talked abou topics that range from why I hunt to how to get a child involved in hunting to what it means to be a gentleman in the hunters woods.

Josh and Keven are delightful young men and do an excellent job broadcasting through the medium of the internet. Their stated goal for is explained in a paragraph on their “about page”:

On our show, we will always give you accurate, relevant, up-to-date information about outdoor pursuits while providing useful tips and rules that will allow you, as an outdoor gentleman, to take to the fields in a manner that is dignified, respectful, careful, and safe.  Thank you for your interest in Field Dressed and we hope you enjoy listening to our show as much as we enjoy making it.

I invite you to visit and listen to the interview.

You can also go to Stitcher by clicking on the following link:

Or you can get the interview via iTunes by clicking on the link below:

I hope you enjoy hearing this episode as much as I enjoyed the conversation!

Steve Chapman