“Was He Quiet or Did He Cry?”

Christmas CD cover

Steve & Annie Christmas CD


When I was a child my Mother taught me a Christmas song that asked the question, “Was He Quiet or Did He Cry?” When our children were small  I passed the song on to them. When our daughter, Heidi, was fifteen she sang it on our Christmas CD (Coming Home For Christmas). Now she has taught it to her children.

Hope you enjoy this old song that has become one of the Chapman Family Favorites!



  1. danny medlen says

    Steve and Annie,
    Beautiful song! I love songs that make us think. So simple yet provoking! I think he cried like any child while his voice was probably soft and full of love as he died! ‘It is finished’! what a great way to start my day!

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks for your comment. And to think…someday we’ll get to hear that voice! Blessings to you and yours,

  2. Larry Ross says

    Who wrote this song? We love to sing it.

    • Steve and Annie says

      We don’t know who wrote it but I (Steve) sang it as a kid so it’s at least 50 years old. Sorry I can’t help.

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