“Down To Logan”

If you gather with family during this Christmas Season (or any other special time through the year) we encourage you to use some of your visit to share your life story with one another. You just never know what gems of information can be discovered. For me, several years ago it yielded the telling of how Christ entered into our family by the way of my Mother’s salvation experience back in 1949. 

During a recent co-writing session with my friend and fellow songwriter, Dana Bacon (Elizabethton, TN), my Mother’s conversion story was finally written into a song called, “Down To Logan.” (Logan is a town in West Virginia twelve miles south of Chapmanville where I was born). 

       After the song was finished and recorded I could hardly wait to make the drive to my parent’s home in Point Pleasant, West Virginia to let them hear it. My Mom was not aware I was filming her as she listened and relived the details that are true to life. With her permission the video below shows her hearing the song for the first time. There’s only one word to describe the footagepriceless!     Steve Chapman

“Down To Logan” – written by: Steve Chapman/Dana Bacon (Times & Seasons Music/Dana Bacon Music/BMI 2013)  Available only as a download at this website


  1. Letcher McLemore says

    You’ve “honor(ed) thy mother and father” by “remember(ing) whose child you are”! May God bless your ministry and your parents’ ministry.

    • Steve and Annie says

      We appreciate you listening to the story. We did indeed want to honor two of the best people God ever made! Blessings on you and yours as you gather this year to celebrate Christmas!

  2. Awesome!! Such a blessing to relive the Salvation experience for your family. Brings me to such memories of my mother and father. Thanks for sharing it with us. Peace and Strength to you and yours as you trust our Sweet Savior!

  3. This blessed my heart! Another touching song from some of my favorite people.
    Blessin’s, Sharron Kay

  4. Mike McCartney says

    scripture tells us “Her children shall rise up and call her blessed.” It just doesn’t tell us when this will happen. Thanks for sharing one of the times it happened in your family. Mike and Shirley from N. Calif.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks for your comment. Yes…when kids are small they rise up and say, “Fix breakfast!” When we are older we do indeed realize the value of our parent’s wise choices and honoring them for it is the least we can do. Blessings to you and yours,

  5. Eileen Kruper says

    Thank you so much for this! My husband and I used to go to your concerts whenever you were in our area (Troy, Michigan), but we haven’t seen you now for many years. Come back! I taught my then 11 or 12-year-old son to waltz to “Her Daddy’s Love” which we had on one of you’re LPs. Yes, way back then. He’s 38 now! This song and video are so beautiful. I will be sharing it with many friends. May God bless you and your entire family.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks for your wish for us to return to Troy. We’d love to. We hope an invitation is extended! “Have guitar-will travel” 🙂
      What a nice report about how the music was so meaningful to you and your family. Our son is now 36, married with two kids. Our daughter is three years younger, married with three young ones. Time marches on!
      Thanks too for sharing “Down to Logan” with your friends. We very much appreciate it.

  6. Bradley Sloan says

    Dear Steve and Annie,
    The song and video brought tears to my eyes. Love the song and the conversion story behind it. May God continue to bless you with the talent and the abilities he has given you. Hope to meet you some day.
    Brad Sloan Sr

    • Steve and Annie says

      We are grateful for your comment and encouragement! We’re glad you love the song. Its a compliment to my parent’s legacy. Many blessings to you as well.

  7. This brought me to tears watching it. My dear mother pased away 45years ago when I was but 11. It is so special when I see mothers being honored. God bless you and your family.

    • Steve and Annie says

      We appreciate your words. May the Lord bless and keep you in His care until the day you see your Mother again. We’ll look forward to meeting her, too!

  8. Steve & Annie,
    Wow! I cried with your Mother, Steve. She expresses re-living our conversion experience never gets old. For me, at 16, it was in a camp-meeting tabernacle in the hills of PA. Vivid memories. Merry Christmas to y’all and I’m thrilled for you that you still have your folks with you. Blessed indeed! – Joe Emert, and Jenny

    • Steve and Annie says

      Joe and Jenny,
      Great to hear from you and thanks for watching the video. My Mother will very much appreciate your observation. Blessings to you and your family!

  9. Steve & Annie,
    That is an awesome picture of why salvation is so important! No matter when our loved ones leave this earth…we can all rest assured that as long as God is part of our lives….we shall inherit eternal life and can spend times with our loved ones! The older I get, but more I understand the concern my Mom and Dad had for me and my Christian walk. Now that I have children….I have that same concern…However, both have received Christ a few years ago and Sherri and I couldn’t be more proud! We serve a mighty God and I appreciate you putting together a song that encapsulates the most precious decision we could ever make! May God continue to bless you both as you server Him! Love your work!
    The Swartz Family!

    • Steve and Annie says

      A sincere thanks for your thoughts. And how right you are that our salvation is incredibly important especially in regard to those who are eternally affected by it. Please tell Sherri and the “yungins” we say hello. By the way, thanks again for sharing your story about Brianna’s near loss of her eyesight in “With Dad on a Deer Stand.” Tell her that when I put my rifle scope up to my eye during this deer season I thought of her. I was reminded to be grateful, like she is, for vision. Blessings, Steve C.

  10. That was so sweet. I loved watching your mama as she listened to this awesome and honoring song!! Continued blessings to you!

    • Steve and Annie says

      Jan, thank you! So glad you enjoyed and appreciated Down to Logan. We are so thankful for your friendship. God bless you abundantly today…and always! S&A

  11. music and words: some time and thought. The smile & happy tears of a mother: priceless

  12. Terry Marcum says

    I love the song and seeing your mom once again. They are two of the finest people I have met in my life and proves Love never fails. It has been many years,but the memories of meeting great folks never fade, only inspire. Thank you for sharing your lives , family and love with us.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Terry, Thanks for watching the video and for your compliment about my folks. You’re so right. They are incredible people. Blessed day to you and yours!

  13. Judy Hartley Schall says

    Steve and Annie, This is wonderful! It makes it even more special to see Precious Lillian’s reaction. I was blessed watching your Mom while listening to this beautiful song. I will enjoy sharing this with the family and showing it to Mom. We love the Chapmans!

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks so much. Great to hear from you! Can’t wait to tell Mom that you saw her in the clip. Please tell your family hello for us!

  14. Absolutely precious:) What a wonderful gift….from both sides! Thanks for sharing this…Tricia

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks! We thought of you recently when we saw some pix from the Koinonia Reunion. Hope you’re doing well. Blessings to you!

  15. Curt Christman says

    Once again Steve you have used the gift God has given you to tell the story’s that we all need to hear.

    Hey I heard you were in my old stompin grounds in Ulysses Pa this fall. I grew up just 10 miles from there in Stuben County NY. Delite and I lived at Penn York Camp and worked as caretakers for 2.5 years.
    Thanks for all you do to bless our lives and build up the body of Christ

  16. Wow I was crying more than ur Mom !
    Just got around to watching this.
    thanks for putting us on the list.
    I truly hope someday to meet you and your Family

  17. My sister Judy has been on your website, and I loved the song. It’s been many years since I saw your parents, and that brings back good memories. I saw that most people responded in Dec. 2013, and it’s now Jan. 2014, so I hope that they are still well. I lost my dad about twenty years ago, and my mother has been living with me for four years. It’s a great feeling to be able to help and honor our parents. I showed this to my mom and she loved it.
    God bless.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks for connecting and thanks for your well wishes for my folks. They are doing well. As my mother says, “I’m doing good for somebody in the shape I’m in!” Always a positive outlook.
      Tell your Mom and your sister hello for us.
      Steve Chapman

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