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AnnieChapmanInterviewAnnie visits with Sara Vogt on    (Click HERE)

The interview begins with Annie reading an excerpt from her book, “The Mother-in-Law Dance.”

“The candles are lit, the room glows with a soft yellow hue, the groom, the pastor and the wedding party are in place at the altar. As all eyes eagerly watch the closed doors at the chapel’s entrance, suddenly the air is changed from a sweet stillness of anticipation to the first notes of the beautiful music chosen for the 9780736914567_mediumwedding processional. As the doors swing open the bride’s heart races at the sound of the melodic cue to make the long-awaited, slow walk down the aisle of matrimony. But as the song plays the lovely bride does not realize that she is not the only lady in the room who has been cued by the music.”

During the interview, Annie shares what some of the mother-in-law and daughters-in-law told her they desired in the relationships such as: the daughter-in-law wants the mother-in-law to be positive and encouraging, to let them live their own lives and give advice only when needed; and the mother-in-law wants the daughter-in-law to love her husband, to be teachable, and to not complain about her son to other people.

The subtitle of the book is, Can Two Women Love the Same Man and Still Get Along? Annie explains that the answer is, “Yes they can…but not without a lot of work and maturity!” Also, she states that being kind and respectful to each other are some of the keys to successful relationships. Annie’s closing word of encouragement to the viewers is, “In the idea of the dance, the question is who leads in that dance? The answer is…the mother-in-law leads, but she leads by backing off.”

You’ll glean even more helpful insight from Annie’s discussion with Sara when you go to   We invite you take advantage of this important and life-changing resource and pass this page on to others who can use the encouragement!


E-Books Available…Here’s the List!

DSC_3589Our publisher, Harvest House Publishers, sent this exciting message to us about the availability of our books in the “e-Book” format. If you enjoy reading on your Kindle or other device, here are the books you can download. Happy Reading! S&A


Steve & Annie,

Here’s a current list of your eBooks that are available for purchase at our retail partners:

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Hear Steve & Annie’s Interview with Debbie Chavez


We invite you to hear our interview on The Debbie Chavez Show
(click here)


Our lively conversation centered around our newly released book,

“I Love You & I Like You/How to Be Married and Still Be Friends”

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 6.02.23 PM



     Thanks to Debbie for an enjoyable interview that we are sure will be helpful to couples especially during this upcoming Valentines season! We hope you’ll tune in.

Here’s what Debbie says about her work:

My passion is to provide women (and all people) with the wisdom, encouragement, and hope I’ve discovered for myself in God’s Word.  I especially love to provide nuggets of Bible wisdom to wives who are struggling with serious challenges in their marriages.  SO MANY marriages have been completely transformed when wives begin to truly understand and apply God’s principles found in the Bible!
I invite you to listen to my daily podcasts, in which I interview top Christian authors, experienced Christian therapists, and renowned pastors.  They will inspire you and guide you with Biblical wisdom!  And, please take advantage of my daily 2-3 minute youtube videos devoted to encouraging and counseling wives. 
By the way, I’m a pastor’s wife with a 32 year background in talk radio.   I also lead the dynamic wives’ ministry called Squadron of Sisters.  Check out the free resources available to you at


“Overcoming Negative Emotions” eBook is Available!

For those who enjoy reading eBooks, our publisher, Harvest House Publishers, sent us this exciting announcement that we wanted to pass on to you…

“We received notice from Amazon that between January 17 and February 2, they will be promoting your discounted eBook in their “Big Deal.” 

The “Big Deal” is promoted to Amazon’s Kindle users through targeted emails, and the eBooks are featured on an exclusive landing page on Amazon’s website.”  

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Overcoming Negative Emotions

The book included in this promotion is Annie’s, Overcoming Negative Emotions. You can read about this life-changing book and hear what Annie has to say about it by clicking here .

You’ll find this e-book at Amazon using the following link:

New Gift Book For Hunters!

Steve’s newest paperback book, “With Dad On A Deer Stand,” has been well received! With Dad on a Deer Stand

Now our publisher, Harvest House Publishers, has created a hardback gift  book by the same title.

Using excerpted stories, memorable quotes from other writers, and the incredible paintings of artist, Dona Gelsinger, this book will be a wonderful gift for dads, sons and daughters who enjoy the hunter’s woods!W dad cover W dad to from

There’s a “from/to/date” page inside the front cover that can be used to make the book an even more special gift.

If you order a copy (click here) at our website and you would like for Steve to sign the book to a specific individual include a note with the order or send us an email using the address on our contact page.

Happy Hunting!

New Vintage Video

Chapman Family 1900's!

Chapman Family 1900’s!

A new Vintage Video can be seen by clicking here or on the Vintage Video window to the right. This clips features a rare recording of the four of us singing as a family back in the mid-1990’s.

There are several more videos for viewing at our Vintage Video section that will encourage you and your family. Thanks for watching!

Steve & Annie


See Steve interviewed on is a NEW MEDIA experience combining an electronic Newspaper/Magazine with TV like video news coverage.  It’s all wrapped up in the convenience of a Home Page which gives our viewers access to many of their favorite and most used internet resources.  Our main story for Thursday, January 9th features Steve Chapman discussing A LOOK AT LIFE FROM A DEER STAND.  This feature includes a special, never seen before, video of the song, “First One,” that Dad’s will not want to miss!

We encourage you to log on often and enjoy the informative, entertaining and inspiring content.  Annie’s interview about her book, “The Mother-in-Law Dance” will follow and we’ll let you know when.