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2_Panel_FolderThe award winning Gospel trio, Three Bridges is releasing their 4th project with the Mansion Entertainment label and is titled, Jesus Saves. Click on the group name above and a sampling of the entire collection of songs can be heard.

I’m especially excited about this release (from Mansion Entertainment) not only because I’m a fan of the Three Bridges sound, also, it contains three songs written by Steve. The song titles are:

Brand Newa foot tapping song with a lyric that every “long time pilgrim” will appreciate!

Unknown Soldiers– a powerfully moving tribute to those who have served our nation in the military. Steve wrote this song with our east-Tennessee friend and fellow songwriter, Dana Bacon. See a picture below of the two buddies in their element and loving every minute of it.

Water Grave an incredibly well-delivered rendition of Steve’s song about baptism

Three Bridges is made up of Elliott McCoy, Shannon Smith and Jeremie Hudson. All three are great singers who pool their voices to make a blend that is rich and unmistakably identifiable. Other songs on the CD are, Jesus Saves- Never Fades (title cut), Satisfied, The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow, A Time Such as This, Livin’ Forgiven, When God Does the Doin’, Made Up Mind. 

If you want to enjoy some great music that will encourage you, too, get a copy of this new CD. (Plus, it’ll help Steve & Dana get more strings for their “geeztars.”)   Annie

Steve & Dana B

Geezers with Guitars


  1. Love this!!! You ole “geezers” are very talented!!! AND BLESSED!!! So excited about what you are creating and recording. Best to you, Liz Bushong, Johnson City, fan.

  2. John White says:

    I’ve known Dana Bacon for a long time… back when he was “west coast,” before he was “east Tennessee.” He is one of the most loving guys I’ve ever known. Can’t wait to hear the rest of “Unknown Soldiers” and Steve and Dana’s love put to music. Make God grant you all a “grace pace” this day, John White, Nevada City, CA, Pastor to the Geezers.

    • Steve and Annie says:

      Thanks! I’m glad to hear from a friend of Dana. He’s a gem and we both know its because of Christ…and Sherrie gets some credit, too! Blessings to you.
      S Chapman

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