Henry Slaughter…88th Birthday Party

Henry S

Annie, Kim Bolton, Joan Cook, Kay Dekalb Smith…. Henry & Hazel Slaughter

For the past fifteen years I have met with some ladies who have also been in traveling ministries.  One of them is Hazel Slaughter who is married to the legendary pianist and songwriter, Henry Slaughter. We just celebrated

Henry's B'day Piano Cake

Henry’s B’day Piano Cake

Henry’s 88th birthday and want you to also rejoice with us that God gave us this incredible man who penned such Gospel Music classics as, “If The Lord Wasn’t Walking By My Side,” “What A Precious Friend is He,” and “We’ve Come This Far By Faith.”

Henry’s songs have been recorded by such greats as Elvis Presley, Connie Smith, Red Foley, and Mahalia Jackson and numerous Gospel Music groups.

God bless Henry & Hazel and their son and daughter, David and Amanda and their families as well as the memory of their son, Mike.


PS…I must add that a highlight for Steve in 2014 was songwriting with Henry. Along with Jeff Pearles the three of them wrote a beautiful song (posted below) titled, “Did You Give Them Jesus.”


  1. Jim Grenz says:

    I was snooping on your website today, and noticed this post of your time with Henry and Hazel Slaughter. Kay and I just recently talked about them as we were listening to their sounds, wondering their where about’s. We were first introduced to them when they traveled with the Gaithers – 1980’s??? I’m trying to recall. They were, instantly, another favorite couple (next to the Chapman’s). We have so enjoyed and have been so blessed by several of their vinyl albums for many years, and even now recently converted/stored on my ipod. My favorite single was, and still is, The Sounds of His Coming. And I loved Henry’s many instrumentals too.

    Glad to hear they’re doing well. Say hi to them if you get a chance, from a couple of long time fans from Washington.

    • Steve and Annie says:

      Jim…great to hear from you. I just flew over your house a few days ago going into Seattle from Anchorage. I waved…did you see me? 🙂
      We’ll tell Henry and Hazel you say howdy and we’ll even forward your message to them so they’ll read what you wrote. They’ll be very blessed.
      Thanks again for connecting and say hey to the fan for us.
      Steve & Annie Chapman

      • Jim Grenz says:

        Thanks for the note, Steve. I did see you, and I waved back; you, obviously, 1/ have already forgotten, or 2/ didn’t see me? (as we say in fishing, the first lier never has a chance). Thanks for passing on my note to Henry and Hazel. I did get an email from them, thanking me for blessing them with my words. And they, by doing so, blessed me. And you blessed me. Again. You ALWAYS do that!


        PS Any further thoughts about a fishing trip out this way this summer?

  2. Joel Melvin says:

    Thank you this page and the new song I was recently diagnosed with cancer and was depressed and have backslidden so far I was YouTube surfing and found Henry and Hazel doing I never loved him better and it touched me and I repented and now have God in my life and I owe it to your page and Henry and Hazel please them know that they have not done anything so wonderful as the singing where I heard it and dedicated my life to God again so it has not been in vain

  3. Jan Bruck says:

    Henry and Hazel! Oh my goodness what memories. When my husband and I were first dating in the mid-70’s we saw them in DC at a concert with the Gaither Trio. We treasured their records, then their tapes as we started our family. Some of my fondest memories are singing with our kids in the car to their tapes. I always believed in surrounding our kids with Christian music and they grew up listening to this couple’s awesome music. I have so many favorites, but “Written in Red” sung by Hazel always especially touched my heart. My husband of 41 years died a few months ago, and just thinking of the impact that the Slaughters had on our lives brings me joy.

    • Steve and Annie says:

      Thanks. H&H live close and we will make sure they see your comment. They will be blessed. May the Lord bless you in a special way for your encouragement. S&A

      • Doris Olesen says:

        Steve & Annie I so like your music although never was able to see you in person but I did see Henry & Hazel Slaughter with the Gaithers several times plus had the pleasure of meeting them personally as they came to our Covenant church in Chicago. So loved their music.

        • Steve and Annie says:

          Doris…thanks for connecting. We live just down the road from H&H Slaughter. They continue to inspire us to keep on walkin! We’ll tell them you say howdy!

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