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“When I Hear the Children Pray”

The tenderness and sincerity in the sweet voices of children when they pray is such a moving sound. I recently heard one of our grandchildren praying for Annie regarding a health challenge and as they prayed I remembered going through a similar situation and hearing a “tiny” prayer that I’m sure had “big” results. It inspired the song that is re-posted here.

(Please listen to the end…I think you’ll be glad if you “wait for it!”)  

When I Hear The Children Pray


I had a dream, it seemed so real

I was near the throne of God

All around the angels sang

Their hallelujah song

When all at once God stood and said

Let all be silent now

A little voice just called my name

I know that tender sound


When I hear the children pray

Oh how I feel every word they say

Let all of heaven know I won’t turn my ear away

When I hear the children pray


God closed His eyes and leaned toward earth

With his hand He cupped His ear

Then whispered she’s just four years old

And trusting that I’ll hear

She’s worried bout her Grandpa’s heart

Says he needs my healing touch

Let angels hurry to the side

Of this man she loves so much


When I hear the children pray

Oh how I feel every word they say

Let all of heaven know I won’t turn my ear away

When I hear my children pray


In my dream an angel took flight

And I felt a gentle wind

Then I woke up, I heard my grandchild say

“Thank You God, amen.”


S & A Chapman/ Don Hicks /Times & Seasons Music/2015

“These Things God Made”

These Things

God still owns the rainbow and the meaning in that span   (Gen 9:13)

He still owns the sacred vows between a woman and a man (Eph 5:22-33)

He still owns the miracle in the making of a life   (Ps 139 / Gen 1:27 / Job 31:15)

And He still owns the last word on what’s wrong and what is right   (Proverbs 16:2)


These things God made

They belong to Him…amen!

These things you can’t take away, cause

They belong to him…amen!   (Ps 24:1)


God still owns the heavens and the message in the stars   (Gen 1:14)

He still owns the unseen reigns that can turn a leader’s heart   (Prov 21:1)

He still owns all the wealth in the silver and the gold (Haggai 2:8)

He still owns the power can’t be bought, can’t be sold (Acts 8:18-20/Matt 6:13)







God still owns the music and the Spirit in the song (Ps 40:3)

He still owns the blueprint for the building of a home   (Matt. 19/ Mal 2:15)

He still owns the wine and bread and the story they can tell (Luke 22:19-20)

He still owns the only hope you’ll never feel the fires of hell   (Acts 4:12)




Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/2017



Country Boy Testimony

Have you ever heard a good ol’ country boy give his testimony? If not…here ya go!!!

PS. Annie takes no blame for this song.