“These Things God Made”

These Things

God still owns the rainbow and the meaning in that span   (Gen 9:13)

He still owns the sacred vows between a woman and a man (Eph 5:22-33)

He still owns the miracle in the making of a life   (Ps 139 / Gen 1:27 / Job 31:15)

And He still owns the last word on what’s wrong and what is right   (Proverbs 16:2)


These things God made

They belong to Him…amen!

These things you can’t take away, cause

They belong to him…amen!   (Ps 24:1)


God still owns the heavens and the message in the stars   (Gen 1:14)

He still owns the unseen reigns that can turn a leader’s heart   (Prov 21:1)

He still owns all the wealth in the silver and the gold (Haggai 2:8)

He still owns the power can’t be bought, can’t be sold (Acts 8:18-20/Matt 6:13)







God still owns the music and the Spirit in the song (Ps 40:3)

He still owns the blueprint for the building of a home   (Matt. 19/ Mal 2:15)

He still owns the wine and bread and the story they can tell (Luke 22:19-20)

He still owns the only hope you’ll never feel the fires of hell   (Acts 4:12)




Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/2017




  1. Steve and Annie says

    Neil…thanks for your input. Our hearts break with yours over the concerted effort by so many across the globe to alter the definition of marriage. Perhaps you will agree that the most beautiful picture of Christ and His bride, the church, is the marriage union between a man and woman…and the enemy of our souls would like nothing more than to destroy that picture. Let’s pray together that God will have his best revenge on those who have been swept into the deception about marriage equality, that is, that His love will somehow touch them and change them. He’s not willing that any would perish…and may our compassion for them contribute to their rescue. SC

  2. It hasn’t changed….the defining of marriage in the Marriage Act in 2004 merely codified what marriage was defined as since the Marriage Act came into existence in 1961 based on centuries-old British Common Law. Noting changed.

    Yes….real marriage is based on the human mating relationship, which is the most important biological relationship that exists, given that it is responsible for both the perpetuation of the human race and the existence of every human on the planet. This is why all cultures on earth have historically agreed on the man-woman definition of marriage regardless of religion or views on homosexuality. The reason two people of the same sex can’t be married is the same reason that a single person can’t be married. Neither constitutes a biological mating relationship, and therefore neither can constitute a marriage. Same-sex ”marriage” advocates cannot explain why marriages consist of two people, as opposed to one, or why a sexual relationship is assumed to be a normal part of marriage. The human mating relationship as the basis of marriage explains both. Furthermore, marriage has never been restricted based on sexual orientation; a gay/straight man has always been able to marry a gay/straight woman. This is again because a mating relationship can exist regardless of sexual orientation, but not regardless of sex. Same-sex ”marriage” advocates never provide any good argument for why marriage should be completely redefined and removed from its biological basis, other than to superficially create the perception that homosexuality is acceptable because it can be called “marriage” — it is purely a fake label that they give their homosexual activities even though it destroys the meaning and purpose of marriage. They merely demand it and demonize those who disagree without considering the social consequences of destroying family and family-bonds….both of which are bedrocks for successful and prosperous societies since the dawn of time.

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