Something My Dad Would Do

More than once I’ve done something and then said to myself, “That’s just what dad would’ve done.” It was one of those moments that the idea came for the song posted here. The examples used in the lyric are based on some good memories I have of my Dad. I know not everyone can say that their history with their father includes seeing him do something similar but if you have children, its never too late to create good memories they can recall as well as imitate.

Something My Dad Would Do


They were broke down on the highway

Had two little kids in the back seat

I thought about driving on by

But I couldn’t get passed the memory

Of being in the car with my father

A long time ago

When he saw a family in need of help

He pulled off the road

So I did too

It’s something my dad would do



I get my chances now and then

To live life just like him

To help somebody with a heavy load

And get ‘em back on the road

And lend a hand

Do what I can

To be a man the light of the Lord can shine through

It’s just something my dad would do


I met her at the checkout

She was buying for her son near the front line.

I gave a thank you smile and started to leave

But the moment took me back in time

To the day in that same old store

In my teenage years

I saw my father pay a stranger’s bill

And left them standing there in tears

So I did too

It’s something my dad would do




I can’t help but wonder

If there’ll come a day

When a child of mine will think of me

And have a reason to say




Steve Chapman /Times & Seasons Music, Inc/BMI/ 2018

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Trading Places

My sister, Jeannie, and her husband, Gene Martin, are blessing our sweet, 90 year-young widowed Mother, Lillian Chapman, with a room in their home. Jeannie is one of the people the scriptures calls “greatest among you” because she is such a servant, especially in her role as a caring daughter. Then the day came when Jeannie heard the dreaded cry from Mom’s room. She had fallen, broke four ribs and punctured her lung.

The trip to the ER was followed by a five day stay in a hospital and eventually an extended stay in a rehab facility. While in the hospital my sister had to feed Mom because of the lack of movement she faced due to the pain. It was a temporary necessity but as Jeannie so lovingly put the spoon to our Mother’s lips I thought of all the times our Mother had fed us. The roles, though only for a short time, had reversed.

There are many others whose situations are not temporary. In the long term they, as the child, have become the parent.  “Trading Places” was written to recognize this role reversal and we pray that God will bless those who are serving their mother or their father in such a way.

Update Annie’s Surgery “Prayer of the Sick” (Make Me a Miracle)

Annie’s surgery was successful. We were beyond grateful to hear the surgeon say, “I am confident that I got it all. I don’t need to see you for six months just to make sure the kidney has healed properly.” The sign to me that Annie has completed her post-op recovery is seeing her on the zero turn mowing the yard…and…keeping six grandkids in one house overnight. Thanks to all who prayed with us that He would “make her a miracle.”

(This recording is available only as a download)

“Prayer of the Sick” (Make Me a Miracle)

Make me a miracle
Let others see how wonderful You are
How wonderful You are
May it be that You alone
Get the glory O blessed One
This is the prayer of my heart

Lord I come to You body broken
Trusting You and hoping
For Your touch I need so much
You are able

If it be Your will that I bear this pain
Father still I will proclaim
How wonderful, how wonderful You are
But if You have work yet for me to do
On this earth I lean on You
To hear the prayer of my heart

Lord I come to You body broken
Trusting You and hoping
For Your touch I need so much
You are able

Make me a miracle
Let others see how wonderful You are
How wonderful You are
May it be that You alone
Get the glory oh blessed One
This is the prayer of my heart


S Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/2019

We Need Arrows and Bullets :)))

“Whispers From Heaven”

Here’s “Whispers From Heaven,” a song written as though a message from my late Dad to Mom on what would’ve been his 92nd birthday. He went to heaven just a couple of weeks before their 69th anniversary but note in the video she says they were married 72 years. That’s how she sees it because she still feels very close to him. Oh what a deep love they shared.  (At this time this song is available only as a listen with this video).

Steve’s New Book…”The Hunt for Faith”

A Very Encouraging Letter

We recently sang at a church in Cookeville, TN and included the song, “Let’s Call It Even.” In response to the story in the song that features the reconciliation of a dad and a daughter, a sweet lady approached us after the morning service and said she was moved to go see her dad. She told us that her relationship with her father had not been good and to make the challenge even harder he had Alzheimers disease.

We advised her to pray that God would give him an awareness of who she was when she visited him so some healing conversation could happen. A couple of weeks later we received the letter shown below. We were given permission to post it but for the sake of her privacy we blurred her last name and the name of the church. We offer this as an encouragement to anyone who longs to reconcile with a parent or any family member or friend.

(If you’d like to hear the song, click on the blue colored title above or see our blog at this website titled, “Let’s Call It Even.”)

Sunday Morning with Steve & Annie

This video of a Sunday morning concert was recorded in Dudalk, MD at Eastern Assembly of God. We sincerely hope you glean something useful from this presentation.

A Dad’s Guide to Praying for His Kids-Interview with Steve

My thanks to Promise Keepers Canada for posting a recent interview featuring a discussion about “A Dad’s Guide to Praying For His Kids.” You can hear the entire interview at the following link. I hope you’ll listen and let others know about it.