“When I Hear the Children Pray”

I’ll never forget the prayer one of my grandchildren prayed for me regarding a worrisome health issue I was facing. The tenderness and sincerity in their little voice was so moving that it brought me to tears. During the prayer I couldn’t help but wonder what might have been happening in heaven in that moment. The unforgettable experience gave me the idea for the song posted here.

(Please listen to the end…I think you’ll be glad if you “wait for it!”)  

When I Hear The Children Pray


I had a dream, it seemed so real

I was near the throne of God

All around the angels sang

Their hallelujah song

When all at once God stood and said

Let all be silent now

A little voice just called my name

I know that tender sound


When I hear the children pray

Oh how I feel every word they say

Let all of heaven know I won’t turn my ear away

When I hear the children pray


God closed His eyes and leaned toward earth

With his hand He cupped His ear

Then whispered she’s just four years old

And trusting that I’ll hear

She’s worried bout her Grandpa’s heart

Says he needs my healing touch

Let angels hurry to the side

Of this man she loves so much


When I hear the children pray

Oh how I feel every word they say

Let all of heaven know I won’t turn my ear away

When I hear my children pray


In my dream an angel took flight

And I felt a gentle wind

Then I woke up, I heard my grandchild say

“Thank You God, amen.”


S & A Chapman/ Don Hicks /Times & Seasons Music/2015

“These Things God Made”

In the summer of 2015 the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was to be recognized. I was on my motorcycle a couple of days later and thought about what I had seen on the news. To show full approval of the ruling, the president at the time commisioned the lighting of America’s capitol building in the colors of the rainbow.

I shuddered to think how insulting it must’ve been to God that the thing He created to show as a sign of His covenant of grace with mankind was used to represent a lifestyle that is so destructive to individuals and to nations. The thought prompted me to pull off and write a song idea on my “magnetized memo pad.” You can see what was written in the photo above.

Then, as I rode further down the road I began to think of other things God created that humans have either misused, abused, tried to replace or defiantly claimed as their own. The miles passed and the list grew. Below is the song that was born that day. You’ll find both audio and video versions.  The lyrics are included along with Biblical references that verify His divine ownership of “these things.” Can I get an “amen!”

These Things

God still owns the rainbow and the meaning in that span   (Gen 9:13)

He still owns the sacred vows between a woman and a man (Eph 5:22-33)

He still owns the miracle in the making of a life   (Ps 139 / Gen 1:27 / Job 31:15)

And He still owns the last word on what’s wrong and what is right   (Proverbs 16:2)


These things God made

They belong to Him…amen!

These things you can’t take away, cause

They belong to him…amen!   (Ps 24:1)


God still owns the heavens and the message in the stars   (Gen 1:14)

He still owns the unseen reigns that can turn a leader’s heart   (Prov 21:1)

He still owns all the wealth in the silver and the gold (Haggai 2:8)

He still owns the power can’t be bought, can’t be sold (Acts 8:18-20/Matt 6:13)







God still owns the music and the Spirit in the song (Ps 40:3)

He still owns the blueprint for the building of a home   (Matt. 19/ Mal 2:15)

He still owns the wine and bread and the story they can tell (Luke 22:19-20)

He still owns the only hope you’ll never feel the fires of hell   (Acts 4:12)




Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/2017



Country Boy Testimony

Have you ever heard a good ol’ country boy give his testimony? If not…here ya go!!!

PS. Annie takes no blame for this song.

I’ve Never Felt So Close

“I’ve Never Felt So Close” was inspired by the story of a friend’s real life encounter with the comforting words of Psalm 73:28… 

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works.”

I have no idea who might be encouraged by this song…I only know that I’m supposed to offer it…not just to tell the story of the one who lived it but for the one who someday will. 

“I’ve Never Felt So Close”

I won’t forget when I got the news

They said they did everything they could do

I’ve never been so alone and so afraid

A flood of fear had come to wash my hopes away


But in that room where my world turned so dark

He came to me and whispered to my heart

“I’m here with you, I heard your cry”

And in that moment I realized


I’ve never felt so close to the Lord

I’ve never known His presence like this before

In my time of greatest need

Like a friend He stood by me

I’ve never felt so close to the Lord


There was a peace I can’t explain

I even heard Him say my name

And with Him so near I knew it very well

The storm had passed before the last raindrop fell




Steve Chapman/Times & Season Music/2017

Jeff Pearles/Jeffed Music

When I Hear That Train

An idea for Moms (and Dads, too!)

Annie and I went to see my Mom, Lillian, and my sister, Jeannie. During our visit we reminisced about the fact that Mom used the sound of the train that went through the town where our family lived as her cue to pray for her kids. Thankfully, it roared by twice a day!

If you’re a Mom and if you live close enough to some railroad tracks to hear the sound of a passing train, perhaps the song posted here will inspire you to adopt my Mother’s idea to use it as your reminder to pray for your family. Or, maybe there’s another daily sound in your area that you could use. If you do, you can be sure that your loved ones will deeply appreciate the prayers as we do those of our Mother.

“Concrete Scars”

The video posted here is a “musical moving selfie” filmed along the new Highway 35 being constructed in Mason County, WV. The reason I’m at that specific place is because its within eyesight of the farmland where Annie grew up (and our family so greatly enjoyed visiting for many years). During the second chorus of the song the camera pans right, away from the 4-lane to the land being cleared for completion of the final 14 mile section. The Williamson Farm lies just over the hill beyond the first visible break in the timber. Obviously, the cut through the old home place is deep.

Please know that I’m not protesting road building by any means. I’m a fan of progress, especially when it benefits the masses. Plus, there are around 300 workers who have jobs because of the construction. Instead, I simply hope to remind travelers that while its true your tax dollars helped create the paved convenience and the lovely scenery you enjoy, there are yet others who paid even more than their hard earned money for it.

Thanks for listening, watching and sharing.

My Dream Hunt in Alaska – New book by Steve!


New Book by Steve now available!

Music video featuring the bear and guide, Dale Adams (Adams Alaskan Safaris)


Go with Steve on his journey to Alaska to hunt the mighty brown bear. The story begins with where and when the dream to go was born and continues to how the unexpected opportunity came to make the trip and then on to “the Last Frontier” where he encounters a huge brown bear. Packed full of pictures that highlight many of the unforgettable details of his adventure, you’ll feel like you’re right there with Steve on this hunt of a lifetime.  Click here to go to the book section.mo-more-of-the-same-copyak-brown-copybear-wearin-copy







(“Big Brown Bear”: Written with Lindsey Williams and Lori Adams during the hunt and features the bear and the guide, Dale Adams.)


“Unspoken Request” Video

This lyric video was posted on You Tube by a gentleman named, David McCann. It features a song recorded by The McKameys on their Precious Seed CD that was written by Steve. Perhaps this will encourage someone who needs to be reminded that God cares very much about your “unspoken request.”

What Mama Wants For Christmas

img_1705My mother has been residing with us for the past few weeks as she transitions to my sister’s new home in middle Tennessee. While talking one morning at breakfast I asked, “What do you want for Christmas this year?” She answered without hesitating…and what she said inspired the chorus of this song. I have a feeling that Mom’s one item wish list is the same as a lot of Moms, and Dads too, at this time of the year.    Steve

“For You” Steve sings with 2 Grand-girls

Our granddaughters (Heidi’s girls) are staying with us this week. While I was working on a new song called “For You,” Josephine (in the middle) and Lily (violin) came in and began singing along. We did a quick rehearsal then did this quick video. T’was a sweet moment for Papa…thanks to DeDe for recording us and to four-year old Sylvia (off camera) for quietly watching.