Steve’s Latest Book For Hunters-The Tales Hunters Tell


Tales Hunters Tell cover

I’m excited and grateful to introduce my latest book release written especially for hunters.

The Tales Hunters Tell is just what the subtitle implies, “stories of adventure and inspiration!”  The tales are based on stories I’ve lived as well as some I’ve heard along the trail of life. I suspect you’ll smile a lot while reading because you’ll see yourself in the scenes, and because hunters can be an emotional lot, your eyes might even get a little misty with one of the stories.

In addition to the ten new tales in the book, Harvest House Publishers has graciously included the entire text of the original book titled, “Full Draw.” This suspenseful story is about a hunter named Joe Tanner who, while in the woods pursuing the elusive whitetail, finds himself being pursued by a couple of dangerous fugitives. His only hope for survival is to use his hunting skills. You’ll also be intrigued by the way his wife, son and a few friends get involved in the fray.

My thanks to all of you have read my previous books for hunters and I hope you’ll enjoy this new offering. With deer season not too far away you’ll need some reading material while you wait for the big one to walk under your stand. Just don’t forget to look up every once in a while as you read!

Steve Chapman



Recommended Music! Joseph Habedank’s “Welcome Home”


“Welcome Home” Joseph Habedank

After a decade as lead singer with the Southern Gospel group, The Perry’s, our friend, Joseph Habedank, is releasing his first solo project on Daywind Records titled, “Welcome Home.”

We recommend this CD to all of our friends not only because we are inspired by Joseph’s incredible vocals but also because the songs on this recording will be a source of great encouragement as well as healing to those who hear it. 


Habedanks Chapmans

With our friends, Joseph and Lindsay Habedank

Pictured with us at the pre-release event that we were privileged to attend is Joseph and his beloved, Lindsay (the two of us wrote, “If You Have The Robe On” with Lindsay that was recorded by The McKameys).

To learn more about Joseph, his very lovely and talented wife, the new direction the Lord is taking them as well as how to order “Welcome Home” visit Joseph’s website by clicking on the following address:

Make the Call…You’ll be Glad You Did!


They’re waiting on the other end…


We hope the new song we featured for Father’s Day (posted below) was motivation for someone to give their Dad a call. But as the song implies, there are other calls in life that are important to make. If there’s someone you feel you need to call, go ahead and dial the number. You never know what a difference it will make. If you need encouragement to do so…give the song a listen.



“That’s A Call”/Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/2013  - Available only as a download

Belmont Songwriters Workshop

For fourteen months (Jan ’13-May ’14) we were privileged to facilitate the Belmont Songwriters Workshop sponsored by the church we attend, Belmont Church, on Music Row in Nashville. Our last meeting was our final gathering as mentors for the group. It was an inspiring time as several songwriters gathered each month and shared the songs they had written and why they wrote them.

Here is a picture of some of the sweetest people I have met in the world of songwriting. Our prayer is that each of them will continue to keep their hearts open to the Creator of creating! The same goes for you, too, if you are a songwriter. Write on!!!

BSW pic

Belmont Songwriters Workshop

Join Us At “The Cove” Sept. 29-Oct 2 with American Family Association

We are excited to announce that we have been invited to be musical guests at The American Family Association Retreat at    The Cove on the grounds of The Billy Graham Training Center in Asheville, NC.  The dates are Sept. 29-Oct 2.

To see the list of featured speakers and to find out more about how to register for the event, click on the following website address for   American Family Association’s website page:

We look forward to being there and we hope you can make plans to be with us.

cove_sign_screencap AFA Oct event flyer



Annie sings “Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome” in WV State Capitol Building!

West Virginia State Capitol Charleston, WV At this year’s National Day of Prayer service held on May 1st at West Virginia’Annie s state capitol building in Charleston, WV, Annie’s voice filled the entire building. Alice Click, Annie’s sister who lives in the state, arranged for the playing of Annie’s version of the song, “Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome.” What an honor for a native West Virginian and what an important and timely prayer that was prayed in the hall’s of the capitol of our home state.

The song is included in this post and no payment is required for the download. May this prayer be answered as you sing along.

“Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome”/Written by Dottie Rambo, David Huntsinger/John T Benson Publishing/Heart Warming Music/ASCAP/Available only as a download

“Save My Father”

praying hands


Not long ago at a wild game dinner event where I was to speak a gentleman privately came to me and said something that gripped my heart. He quietly whispered, “My dad is here tonight. He’s not saved and I’ve been praying that he will respond to the Gospel.”

The look of concern on the son’s face as he spoke of his great hope that his dad would yield his life to Christ was an expression I couldn’t forget. I began to wonder how many others have the same desperate longing in their hearts for their father or another loved one who is yet to know Christ as Savior.

 With that in mind, the song included with this post was written. My hope is that “Save My Father” might be an encouraging melody and lyric that will echo in your heart as you pray for someone you love who is spiritually lost.

(“Save My Father” / Steve Chapman / Times & Seasons Music, Inc/ BMI …This song is available only as a download at this time)




Harold G. Stoltzfus…”Faith Is Like a Melody” (My Father’s Song)

While in the Lancaster, PA area we stayed at The Hurst House Bed & Breakfast in Farmersville. During breakfast on Sunday morning March 30th we were privileged to meet Sylvia Stoltzfus and her two daughters, Crystal and Yvonne.


Harold G. Stoltzfus

Sylvia’s husband of 54 years had gone to be with the Lord just the morning before. The loss that she and her daughters were feeling was written on their faces and heard in their tender words about a man who was a caring husband and a wonderful father.

Before Sylvia and her daughters left to tend to the preparation of Harold’s service a very moving story was shared by Crystal about a dream she had about her Dad. It inspired the song that is included in this post. The lyric reveals what she told us. We hope the video that was added to the song will bless the Stoltzfus Family as they walk through these days of loss, and we hope it will bless others who see it as well.

(Our grand daughter, Lily Anne Beall, is singing the part of Crystal and I’m singing Harold’s part. A free download of the song is below).


39 Years Together!


Established 3/29/1975

On Saturday March 29th we will celebrate 39 years of marriageIts been nearly four decades of marital bliss..ters! Of course, we’re kidding. Instead, its been an incredible time together. We don’t regret a single mile that the Lord has allowed us to walk with each other.

And how thankful we are for family and friends to share this milestone. God bless each of you for your love and prayers. 

S&A Chapman



“A Look At Life from the Riverbank” Steve’s Book for Anglers

Riverbank vert

New Book!!

Do you love fishing or know someone who does? If so, we’re excited to announce the release of Steve’s book, “A Look at Life from the Riverbank.” The subtitle of this newly expanded version of “Reel Time with God” explains the contents of this unique book…Stories About Fishing and the Meaning of Life!

In these well-written devotions about fishing you’ll discover how doing things like casting, steering a boat, watching the ripples on the water, cleaning your catch, or crossing a creek can help you live a victorious life. 

steve  & fish

Steve’s first fish…around 1956

Filled with stories lived while at the water, this book will be a great addition to every angler’s tackle box. 

Fish&Chap (1 of 1)

“Steve slammin’ the salmon”