Our Son Played at the Grand Ole Opry!!!


IMG_1153Nathan, our only begotten son, played the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday, June 16. The set will soon be posted in the archives at WSM 650 a.m.


Grammy Award winning producer steps out of the control room into the vocal booth!

This was Nathan’s debut on the legendary stage and the music was received with standing ovations!!

His three songs were from his recently completed CD called, “Revival.” On stage with Nathan was his wife and co-producer, Stephanie.

You can get a copy of “Revival” at Nathan’s website. (click here) and to read a feature story in The Tennessean about him and his new recording, click here

“Buffalo Creek”…Dogwood


Dogwood 2015

On February 27th, 2015 we joined our long-time friend, Ron Elder, and fellow musicians, Lindsey Williams (guitar/slide guitar) and Ken Fletcher (bass) for an evening “Dogwood” concert at Koinonia Coffeehouse on Music Row in Nashville. One of the songs in the set was “Buffalo Creek.” The history of this West Virginia mine disaster is shown in the video that was featured during the song.




“Dogwood” Concert Feb. 27th!!!

Dogwood S&A&R at Koin

Dogwood at Koinonia Coffeehouse around 1975

Our musical journey started in a group formed in the mid-1970’s. The two of us, along with our West Virginia friend, Ron Elder, sang in a trio called, “Dogwood,” from early 1975 to 1978.

We’re excited to announce that the original trio configuration of Dogwood will get to sing together again. We’ve done a couple of other reunion events but this one is different because we’ll be on the stage where it all started for us.

On February 27th, Koinonia Coffeehouse, located on Music Row in Nashville, will host the event. Our friend and fellow singer/songwriter, Jim Cole, will open the evening.

For more information and/or to secure a seat (a suggested donation is requested) please email our friend,      Brian Mason at:

For a taste of Dogwood music, here’s a song called, “It’s The Truth,” from of our 2012 reunion.

Keeping Love Alive interview on Wellsboro Home Page!

A new series called, Keeping Love Alive, begins today on Wellsboro Home Page and it features us and our book, I Love You & I Like You.  Hosted by John and Sara Vogt, we interview today via Facetime. Please click here to go the website and see the first installment. After you watch our interview you can enjoy other great resources from WHP!!!

Thanks….S&A Chapman

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.28.51 AM

“Water Grave” Heidi, Steve & Annie Live performance

Josie and Emmitt Baptism Aug 31 2014

Emmitt (son-in-law) and Josephine at “the river”

Whenever we get to sing with our daughter, Heidi, it’s always a huge joy. And getting to sing at the baptism of our daughter’s daughter made it even more special. We hope you enjoy this video that documents a wonderful memory for our family.

Steve & Annie

Our NEW CD “You Have My Word”

You Have My Word graphics aprroval

Our new CD is now available!

In 2008 we were feeling like we were near the end of the trail of recording. For that reason we decided to name the CD we did that year, “Finish Well.” When we told folks that it could very well be our last release we would add, “If we ever do another one we’ll call it, “Just Kidding!” We were being facetious, sort of. In reality, we honestly did think we might never release another recording.

However…Steve so enjoys the process of songwriting that he just couldn’t abandon it. As a result, not only has he written many songs since then on his own, he branched out into the yet explored and fruitful world of co-writing. Writers on the co-written songs include Dana Bacon, Lindsey Williams and Joseph Habedank.

We have named this new 16-song CD, You Have My Word. The title song can be heard on this website by clicking here. Fifteen of the songs are newly written and one is a revisit (“Wednesday’s Prayer”). Most of the songs are stories and just a few of the topics covered are: committed love, the treasures of grandchildren, fishing with kids, praying for a lost parent, and the dangers of the internet.

Thanks to our friend and fellow musician, Lindsey Williams, for three of the tracks on the recording (Run, He’s Got A Line, One Day Longer). We included one track created by our multiple Grammy Award winning son/producer in the early years of his career (Wednesday’s Prayer). Steve did the remainder of the tracks in his laptop using the “Garage Band” software and an AKG414 mic.

We hope you’ll enjoy the songs on, “You Have My Word.” (See song list below) You can get the CD at our store (click here) or we will be posting the songs and lyrics for download in the next few weeks at our Bandcamp site. (You can save a little on postage by ordering via mail with a check or money order (13.00) to: S&A Family/ PO Box 337 / Pleasant View, TN 37146)

Thanks so much to those of you who asked to hear the songs again!


Songs on “You Have My Word”: Down to Logan, You Have My Word, Laughter In These Walls, Treasures, Scars of Love, One Day Longer, I Like You Too, Run, Save My Father, Get ’em Ready, Wednesday’s Prayer, One Little Word, Tangled Web, He’s Got A Line, The Friends You Keep, Just Add Water

Three Bridges-Recommended Music

2_Panel_FolderThe award winning Gospel trio, Three Bridges is releasing their 4th project with the Mansion Entertainment label and is titled, Jesus Saves. Click on the group name above and a sampling of the entire collection of songs can be heard.

I’m especially excited about this release (from Mansion Entertainment) not only because I’m a fan of the Three Bridges sound, also, it contains three songs written by Steve. The song titles are:

Brand Newa foot tapping song with a lyric that every “long time pilgrim” will appreciate!

Unknown Soldiers– a powerfully moving tribute to those who have served our nation in the military. Steve wrote this song with our east-Tennessee friend and fellow songwriter, Dana Bacon. See a picture below of the two buddies in their element and loving every minute of it.

Water Grave an incredibly well-delivered rendition of Steve’s song about baptism

Three Bridges is made up of Elliott McCoy, Shannon Smith and Jeremie Hudson. All three are great singers who pool their voices to make a blend that is rich and unmistakably identifiable. Other songs on the CD are, Jesus Saves- Never Fades (title cut), Satisfied, The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow, A Time Such as This, Livin’ Forgiven, When God Does the Doin’, Made Up Mind. 

If you want to enjoy some great music that will encourage you, too, get a copy of this new CD. (Plus, it’ll help Steve & Dana get more strings for their “geeztars.”)   Annie

Steve & Dana B

Geezers with Guitars

E-Books Available…Here’s the List!

DSC_3589Our publisher, Harvest House Publishers, sent this exciting message to us about the availability of our books in the “e-Book” format. If you enjoy reading on your Kindle or other device, here are the books you can download. Happy Reading! S&A


Steve & Annie,

Here’s a current list of your eBooks that are available for purchase at our retail partners:

Letting Go of Anger – (ISBN: 9780736937498)
Overcoming Negative Emotions – (ISBN: 9780736940825)
What Every Wife Wants Her Husband to Know – (ISBN: 9780736941976)
10 Ways to Prepare Your Daughter for Life – (ISBN: 9780736946285)
Mother-in-law Dance, The – (ISBN: 9780736930932)
Another Look at Life from a Deer Stand – (ISBN: 9780736930970)
365 Things Every Hunter Should Know – (ISBN: 9780736933803)
Hot Topics for Couples – (ISBN: 9780736937610)
Great Hunting Stories – (ISBN: 9780736939676)
Wasn’t It Smart of God to… – (ISBN: 9780736946551)
Hunter’s Cookbook, The – (ISBN: 9780736948685)
Look at Life from a Deer Stand Study Guide, A – (ISBN: 9780736945622)
Look at Life from a Deer Stand, A – (ISBN: 9780736948982)
Stories from the Deer Stand – (ISBN: 9780736948302)
With Dad on a Deer Stand – (ISBN: 9780736953139)
10 Ways to Prepare Your Son for Life – (ISBN: 9780736952699)
With God on a Deer Hunt – (ISBN: 9780736930949)
What Husbands and Wives Aren’t Telling Each Other – (ISBN: 9780736936743)
The Good Husband’s Guide to Balancing Hobbies and Marriage – (ISBN: 9780736954259)
Look at Life from a Deer Stand Devotional, A – (ISBN: 9780736933902)
I Love You and I Like You – (ISBN: 9780736955287)



See Steve interviewed on WellsboroHomePage.com

WellsboroHomePage.com is a NEW MEDIA experience combining an electronic Newspaper/Magazine with TV like video news coverage.  It’s all wrapped up in the convenience of a Home Page which gives our viewers access to many of their favorite and most used internet resources.  Our main story for Thursday, January 9th features Steve Chapman discussing A LOOK AT LIFE FROM A DEER STAND.  This feature includes a special, never seen before, video of the song, “First One,” that Dad’s will not want to miss!

We encourage you to log on often and enjoy the informative, entertaining and inspiring content.  Annie’s interview about her book, “The Mother-in-Law Dance” will follow and we’ll let you know when.

He Knew The Lord

Al Jaynes on 090612

Al Jaynes

On October 16th our long-time friend, Al Jaynes, made his journey home to heaven at the age of 81. All who knew and loved him will sorely miss his encouraging smile and his inspiring words he’d say each time we saw him.

47 Era

Era and Al Jaynes

Especially inspiring was his love and devotion to Era, his sweet wife, throughout their 60 plus years of marriage. As a victim of Alzheimer’s disease, Era was faithfully cared for by Al until she went home to be with the Lord only three months earlier.

Al was also the loving father of one daughter and son, Gini and Wade.

When Annie and I got married in 1975 we went to Al & Era and asked them, “If ever there is something we can’t work through as a married couple, can we come to you for guidance?” Being the loving servants they were to folks they quickly agreed to be our help in time of need.

A few years ago as we sat at a dinner table with Al and Era, he asked us, “Why did you never come to us for advice with the stuff you couldn’t work through.” Annie smiled and said, “Because we never had a problem we couldn’t work through!” I added, “But we hope the offer still holds!”  Al returned a satisfied smile and assured us the offer was still good.

As a husband, Al was indeed a worthy example of how to do marriage right. The way he tenderly tended to Era as she progressed through her struggle with Alzheimers was an illustration to all of us what it means to keep the “in sickness and health” part of the marriage vows. God knows our culture could sure use a lot more men like Al Jaynes.

Saying farewell to someone as dear as our brother brings a lot of sadness indeed. However, there is one thing that brings comfort to all of us when the waves of the reality of his absence washes over us. That source of comfort is mentioned in the song featured in this post.

In addition, the kind of life that Al Jaynes lived challenges us all to ask an extremely important question…Can we leave the same comfort in the hearts of those we love that Al left for us? May God help each one of us to be able to answer a confident, Yes!


“He Knew The Lord”

Today we told our brother goodbye

Sad are the tears that filled our eyes

But there is a comfort deep in our souls

When it comes to our brother one thing we know



He knew the Lord

He called Him friend

And we have no doubt

The Lord knew Him

They were not strangers

When they met on that shore

O what a comfort it is to know

He knew the Lord


Someday I know my turn will come

When I’ve gone my last mile and my race is run

When my family gathers Lord let it be

What we said ’bout our brother, let them say about me


(Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music, Inc/BMI)

“He Knew The Lord” is available only as a free download at this website.