Country Boy Testimony

Have you ever heard a good ol’ country boy give his testimony? If not…here ya go!!!

PS. Annie takes no blame for this song.

“Concrete Scars”

The video posted here is a “musical moving selfie” filmed along the new Highway 35 being constructed in Mason County, WV. The reason I’m at that specific place is because its within eyesight of the farmland where Annie grew up (and our family so greatly enjoyed visiting for many years). During the second chorus of the song the camera pans right, away from the 4-lane to the land being cleared for completion of the final 14 mile section. The Williamson Farm lies just over the hill beyond the first visible break in the timber. Obviously, the cut through the old home place is deep.

Please know that I’m not protesting road building by any means. I’m a fan of progress, especially when it benefits the masses. Plus, there are around 300 workers who have jobs because of the construction. Instead, I simply hope to remind travelers that while its true your tax dollars helped create the paved convenience and the lovely scenery you enjoy, there are yet others who paid even more than their hard earned money for it.

Thanks for listening, watching and sharing.

My Dream Hunt in Alaska – New book by Steve!


New Book by Steve now available!

Music video featuring the bear and guide, Dale Adams (Adams Alaskan Safaris)


Go with Steve on his journey to Alaska to hunt the mighty brown bear. The story begins with where and when the dream to go was born and continues to how the unexpected opportunity came to make the trip and then on to “the Last Frontier” where he encounters a huge brown bear. Packed full of pictures that highlight many of the unforgettable details of his adventure, you’ll feel like you’re right there with Steve on this hunt of a lifetime.  Click here to go to the book







(“Big Brown Bear”: Written with Lindsey Williams and Lori Adams during the hunt and features the bear and the guide, Dale Adams.)


Steve’s New Book for Hunters!

HDevo coverThis new, rugged hardback, pack size devotional for hunters has arrived in time for the upcoming season. Filled with personal stories from Steve’s years of hunting, each devotion begins with a Scripture verse followed by a story and important insight and a short prayer. A perfect companion for each day of hunting season this book will add a meaningful depth of spirituality to your time in the outdoors!




Warriors of the Road…Our Musical Comrades

The word, warrior,  seems to be coming to mind lately. I used it in the song about my Dad’s departure to heaven to describe him and then, when I recently met with the men featured in the video posted here, I realized that they too are warriors of the faith, a group I am humbled to call my friends. The truth is, because we who name the name of Christ must fight daily against unrighteousness in our own lives and in our world, we are all warriors of the road.

The Hunter’s Cookbook eBook!!!

ckbookWith hunting season here again and the restocking of wild game in your freezer, we recommend The Hunter’s Cookbook available now as an eBook!

You can find it through eBook distributors including, but not limited to, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Google Play. 

Blessings on your season!!!

Steve & Annie

Steve’s Brown Bear Hunt

On May 9th, 2015 I left Tennessee and headed to Sitka, Alaska to brown bear hunt with guide, Dale Adams, from Adams Alaskan Safaris. What an awesome experience to say the least.

From eating fresh caught crabs and shrimp nearly every day to viewing massive whales, beautiful eagles, sea lions and otters and being surrounded by some of the earth’s most incredible geography, it was the trip of a lifetime.

As if all awesome views and tasty food were not enough to take in, a really heart-pounding event occurred on day two of the adventure. That’s when we spotted a brown bear that measured over nine feet tall and weighed close to a thousand pounds. The result of the encounter is pictured below. Wsfv9pFDAEjbZUYvuo-Q1P1f6Zby6DZ0ERTGfluPNQg









My thanks to the “team” aboard the boat, “Surveyor,” for their help with the monstrous bear. Left to right are, Jason Rumsey, Wayne Marcho, the old guy, Lindsey Williams, Dale Adams, and Alex. (Not pictured is Dale’s wife, Lori, who went along and did the cooking. Every meal was a gastronomical jubilee!! I think I weigh an extra ten pounds.)DSC_0017

A Double Double Week

Turkey season is underway here in Tennessee and last week was a very rare “double double” for me. On two different days I got to go chase birds with two of the best guys on the planet and on both hunts we each encountered sizable gobblers. As we worked hard together to outsmart the wily longbeards I thought of the verse in Ecclesiastes 4 that says, “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.” (v. 9) Here’s a picture of the “return” we had at our dinner table!

IMG_2019 Annie outdid herself with this combination of deep fried, fresh wild turkey, cole slaw and a buttered baked sweet potato. It was a perfectly scrumptious way to respect the life of the gobbler that I brought home. (You can find her recipe in our cookbook, “The Hunter’s Cook Book” on our book page.)

And here I am with my two comrades after each hunt. On the left is Lindsey Williams, on the right is Jason Cruise. How grateful I am for their friendship and the fellowship we enjoyed between the sound of goblin’! (Stay tuned for a link to a video featuring the hunt with Jason.)

Boss Bird Meets Mosberg-6 copy IMG_2030




Wild Game Dinner DVD with Steve

DVD cover

Steve…Live DVD

If you’ve never been to a Wild Game Dinner event to hear Steve speak…or, if you’ve been to an event and want to relive the experience or let someone else enjoy it, here’s your chance.

This new DVD is a live recording of an event that took place at Life Community Church in Jamestown, NC. It includes unforgettable stories brought to life from Steve’s books, memorable video clips as well as entertaining songs filled with lyrics that will move your heart. The songs featured are: Let ‘Em Be Boys, First One, Just Add Water, I Want to Go With My Daddy, Follow the Blood, and Finish Well.

We invite you to click here to go to the store where the DVD can be ordered.

Blessings on your seasons!

(Slider photo by: Shelly Gibson/Shelly Gibson Photo-Jonesboro, AR)

Hunters Have a Season of Reading


From Devin


From Joe

During this hunting season I’ve received some very nice emails from hunters reporting that they are reading the devotional version of A Look At Life From A Deer Stand while in the deer stand. Here’s a couple of photos they have sent along with a touching message from a fellow hunter named, Joe.

Hello sir. I am emailing you this picture along with my story. As a 29 year old man in the world today, it is a rough world. I was a struggling Christian who wanted to be a better man, but also live in the world. A month ago I found myself in a place where I felt hopeless, stuck, and sad. So I turned to what I knew from my childhood and that was Christ. I am more then a avid hunter as I currently am with a outdoor show and am blessed to share my moments in the woods with people on TV. The other day I was walking in Walmart and found the daily devotional. I saw it’s size and thought it be a nice thing to have to put in my pack to go with me to the treestand. So here is a photo I took yesterday. I find the woods to be pure still and a place I feel closest to God and can talk to him. Please share this photo with Steve and tell him thank you for making great books for guys like me to read and enjoy. Thank you. 
Its a blessing to get this kind of feedback from hunters and fishermen. My sincere thanks to each one who has responded and continued blessings on your seasons!!!
Steve Chapman