“Water Grave” Heidi, Steve & Annie Live performance

Josie and Emmitt Baptism Aug 31 2014

Emmitt (son-in-law) and Josephine at “the river”

Whenever we get to sing with our daughter, Heidi, it’s always a huge joy. And getting to sing at the baptism of our daughter’s daughter made it even more special. We hope you enjoy this video that documents a wonderful memory for our family.

Steve & Annie

Make the Call…You’ll be Glad You Did!


They’re waiting on the other end…


We hope the new song we featured for Father’s Day (posted below) was motivation for someone to give their Dad a call. But as the song implies, there are other calls in life that are important to make. If there’s someone you feel you need to call, go ahead and dial the number. You never know what a difference it will make. If you need encouragement to do so…give the song a listen.



“That’s A Call”/Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/2013  – Available only as a download

“Save My Father”

praying hands


Not long ago at a wild game dinner event where I was to speak a gentleman privately came to me and said something that gripped my heart. He quietly whispered, “My dad is here tonight. He’s not saved and I’ve been praying that he will respond to the Gospel.”

The look of concern on the son’s face as he spoke of his great hope that his dad would yield his life to Christ was an expression I couldn’t forget. I began to wonder how many others have the same desperate longing in their hearts for their father or another loved one who is yet to know Christ as Savior.

 With that in mind, the song included with this post was written. My hope is that “Save My Father” might be an encouraging melody and lyric that will echo in your heart as you pray for someone you love who is spiritually lost.

(“Save My Father” / Steve Chapman / Times & Seasons Music, Inc/ BMI …This song is available only as a download at this time)




Mother-in-Law Issues/WellsboroHomePage Interview with Annie Chapman

AnnieChapmanInterviewAnnie visits with Sara Vogt on WellsboroHomePage.com                on Friday 1/31/2014!   (Click HERE)

The interview begins with Annie reading an excerpt from her book, “The Mother-in-Law Dance.”

“The candles are lit, the room glows with a soft yellow hue, the groom, the pastor and the wedding party are in place at the altar. As all eyes eagerly watch the closed doors at the chapel’s entrance, suddenly the air is changed from a sweet stillness of anticipation to the first notes of the beautiful music chosen for the 9780736914567_mediumwedding processional. As the doors swing open the bride’s heart races at the sound of the melodic cue to make the long-awaited, slow walk down the aisle of matrimony. But as the song plays the lovely bride does not realize that she is not the only lady in the room who has been cued by the music.”

During the interview, Annie shares what some of the mother-in-law and daughters-in-law told her they desired in the relationships such as: the daughter-in-law wants the mother-in-law to be positive and encouraging, to let them live their own lives and give advice only when needed; and the mother-in-law wants the daughter-in-law to love her husband, to be teachable, and to not complain about her son to other people.

The subtitle of the book is, Can Two Women Love the Same Man and Still Get Along? Annie explains that the answer is, “Yes they can…but not without a lot of work and maturity!” Also, she states that being kind and respectful to each other are some of the keys to successful relationships. Annie’s closing word of encouragement to the viewers is, “In the idea of the dance, the question is who leads in that dance? The answer is…the mother-in-law leads, but she leads by backing off.”

You’ll glean even more helpful insight from Annie’s discussion with Sara when you go to WellsboroHomePage.com   We invite you take advantage of this important and life-changing resource and pass this page on to others who can use the encouragement!


Cerebral Palsy and A Life Worth Celebrating

In 1946, on December 20th, George Stonewall Chapman III was born in Chapmanville, West Virginia to my uncle Bud Chapman and his wife, Betty. They would soon learn that “Junior,” the affectionate nick name their baby was given, was born with Cerebral Palsy that would hinder his development.

I was always impressed with how much love was shown to Junior by his Mom and Dad as well as his sister, Julia. More important, God was honored by how well they cared for him for the 21 years of his life.

Recently I began to recall Junior and the times I was blessed to be near him. His demeanor was so sweet and though unable to use words he seemed to communicate with his smile and the sounds he made that resembled a song melody.

As I remembered Junior I was moved to write a song and create a video to honor his memory. I hope it will remind all who see it, especially those who care for loved ones who are similar to Junior, that each of us have great value.

“Junior”/written by Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/2013 (song not yet available as a single song download)


“Was He Quiet or Did He Cry?”

Christmas CD cover

Steve & Annie Christmas CD


When I was a child my Mother taught me a Christmas song that asked the question, “Was He Quiet or Did He Cry?” When our children were small  I passed the song on to them. When our daughter, Heidi, was fifteen she sang it on our Christmas CD (Coming Home For Christmas). Now she has taught it to her children.

Hope you enjoy this old song that has become one of the Chapman Family Favorites!


Isabelle Stover Update and “Isabelle’s Song”

On October 19th we drove to Lynchburg, VA with our granddaughters, Lily & Josie, to attend a party to celebrate little Isabelle Stover’s completion of chemo treatments. Jeff & Sarah, Isabelle’s parents, along with family and friends prepared a beautiful setting for the party. We were so honored to be invited and share in the festivities and to see Isabelle doing well and in good spirits.

Isabelle, Josie & Lily

Isabelle, Josie & Lily

Lily & Josie have prayed for their cousin, “Issy,” every day for over two years. They finally got to meet her in person for the first time at the party. The three were so excited to get to see each other.

In advance of the gathering we wrote and rehearsed a song called “Isabelle’s Song” to give to her as our gift. As you will see in the video below, Lily played her violin and Josie danced. They also sang a duet for Issy called, “Footprints of Jesus.”

How grateful we are to provide this update to all of you who have been so kind to pray for Isabelle. She now has five years ahead of regular check ups and labs to complete so we ask you to continue to remember her in your prayers. Thank you so much!


Mom’s Apple Wisdom

Knowing how much influence that friends can have on a person’s life, my Mother looked for a way to illustrate that character-building truth to my sister and me when we were quite young. This video tells how she successfully accomplished such an important parenting goal.

    If this video contains wisdom that you want to pass on to others, especially the young ones, please send a link to this page to them.


(The song, “The Friends You Keep,” is available at this time only as a part of this You Tube video. If you’re interested in getting a download of the song only, email us at the address found on our “contact” page)

When I Hear That Train

I recently went to Point Pleasant, West Virginia to see my Dad on his 87th birthday and had a great visit. What a blessing to be with the best Dad on the planet!


Lillian and P.J. Chapman

As always, my visit was much too short and when it was time to head southwest I was standing on the porch of my folk’s house saying goodbye when the sound of a train was heard. At that moment my Mother put her hand up and said, “Stop! That sound is my cue to pray!”

I was so privileged to be there to hear her keep the promise that she made many years ago when she told the entire family that each time she heard the train pass through Point Pleasant she would stop whatever she was doing and lift all of us up to the Lord.

I took my hat off, Dad and I bowed our heads and we listened as Mom spoke every name in the family in aTrain 2 prayer of blessing for us all. It was an unforgettable moment.

The song featured with this post was written about Mom’s promise to pray for us when she hears the train come through town and is penned from a grandchid’s point of view.

Perhaps if you’re reading this and you live close enough to some railroad tracks to hear the sound of a passing train, it will inspire you to adopt my Mother’s idea to use it as your cue to pray for your family. Or, maybe there’s another daily sound in your area that you could use. If you do, you can be sure that your loved ones will deeply appreciate the prayers as we do those of my Mother.

(“When I Hear That Train” is available only as a download. Thanks for listening!)


A Buck in the Grandchild Herd!

We are pleased to announce that along with the joy of four “doe” in the herd of Chapman grandchildren, on June 9th we welcomed the first “buck!”

L to R: Nathan, George, Paul and Steve

L to R: Nathan, George, Paul and Steve

Williamson George Chapman was born to our son, Nathan and his wife, Stephanie.

Steve’s parents, P.J. & Lillian Chapman, along with his sister, Jeannie, came to Tennessee to see the new addition and a photo was captured that features the four generations of Chapman men.

George is doing fine and his sister and three cousins are having a great time watching him grow.