We Need Arrows and Bullets :)))

“Whispers From Heaven”

Here’s “Whispers From Heaven,” a song written as though a message from my late Dad to Mom on what would’ve been his 92nd birthday. He went to heaven just a couple of weeks before their 69th anniversary but note in the video she says they were married 72 years. That’s how she sees it because she still feels very close to him. Oh what a deep love they shared.  (At this time this song is available only as a listen with this video).

Steve’s New Book…”The Hunt for Faith”

Sunday Morning with Steve & Annie

This video of a Sunday morning concert was recorded in Dudalk, MD at Eastern Assembly of God. We sincerely hope you glean something useful from this presentation.

“ineedasong4” Songs for Occasions

ineedasongforThis service will remain accessible here on our homepage slider. We’re calling it “ineedasong4” and the content included is a “stack” of our songs that are often requested and used for special occasions.

To view the selections, scroll down the page and you’ll find categories such as “ineedasong4a wedding” or  “ineedasong4Father’s Day,” etc. You can listen to the song in full and if you choose to use it, simply click on the “buy” icon in the song window and you’ll be taken to the Bandcamp website where the purchase of the download can be made.  You’re also welcome to visit us at Bandcamp and check out all of our songs currently available there.

If you have any questions about the songs or need lyrics don’t hesitate to email us at the address found on our “contact” page. Thanks for considering these songs for your special event!!! S&A



ineedasong4…a graduation event (high school or college)

ineedasong4a brother to play for a sister, a sister to play for a brother    (adolescent age)

Teen and older brother and sister


ineedasong4...a wedding
Below is the accompaniment track for “The Ships Are Burning” useful only for live performance of the song.

For the Mother/Son dance…

For the Father/Daughter dance…

Accompaniment track for “You’re The Only Little Girl” with no vocals-instrumental only

Accompaniment track for “You’re The Only Little Girl”   with girl’s voices


ineedasong4celebrating marriage/love


ineedasong4parenting/kids growing up

Praying for children

Disciplining children


ineedasong4…Father’s Day


ineedasong4Mother’s Day


ineedasong4Our Thanksgiving dinner blessing




ineedasong4…addressing the topic of Forgiveness



Upcoming Live Events!








To schedule us for a future event please go to our  Contact Us Page”    …and thanks for considering us!!!  S&A




January 19,20  Tyler, TX

New Covenant Church / Wild Game Dinner with Steve on Jan 19 and Sunday Morning Worship service on Jan 20.

For info: 903-534-9333


January 30   New Holland, PA

Restart Training Center Ministries sponsoring Steve & Annie in concert at Yoder’s Restaurant/ New Holland, PA

For info: 717-304-3291


February 2,3  Kosciusko, MS

First Baptist Church

Wild Game Dinner, Women’s Event and Sunday a.m. worship service

For times: 662-289-5575


Feb 10  Xenia, OH    Liberty Worship Center

Valentine Concert with Steve & Annie

Details coming…


February 15, 16   Sarasota, FL

Dutchman’s Valentines Events with Steve & Annie

For info visit: Der Dutchman Sarasota 


March 2  Jackson, GA   Lighthouse Baptist Church

Wild Game Dinner with Steve

For info: 770-775-9123


March 9   Wheat Ridge, CO

Applewood Baptist Church

Ladies Tea with Annie

For info: 303-232-9575