“Water Grave” on the banks of The Jordan River

We have completed our unforgettable visit to the incredible land of Israel. While there we sang “Water Grave” at a baptismal site on the banks of The Jordan River. (A few pics from our tour are below…for more visit our Facebook Page (Steve Chapman).

“Tell Me A Huntin’ Story” New Book is here!

Harvest House Publishers has provided advance copies of a new book for outdoorsmen and women called “Tell Me a Huntin’ Story.” It was cowritten with my Indiana friend, Don Hicks. Hear our comments in this video about this new collection of stories that we are confident will both entertain and enhance the lives of our fellow hunters. Click HERE to order a copy for yourself or a hunter in your life!

Tea Cozies by Annie

Our website store is now featuring “Tea Cozies by Annie.”

Each cozy is handmade by Annie and features an inner lining of insulation to KEEP THE WATER HOTTER LONGER!

The beautiful outer material is complimented by an eye-catching material on the inside and silky ribbon tie. Covers your 4-6 cup tea pot as seen in the sample photos.

Perfect for personal use and makes a great gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, seasonal occasions and excellent as a house warming gift.

To view the tea cozies click on the link below. THANKS!!!








“Let’s Call It Even”

During a Sunday morning service at a church in Georgia we sang our song about my experience of holding my Dad when he passed from this life into eternity (I Held A Great Warrior When He Died). After dismissal a very nice lady named, Jonell Barber, expressed her appreciation for the song then told about an exchange she had with her father, Calvin, during his last hours. What she said was deeply touching, incredibly profound and full of mercy. She has graciously permitted us to share her story in music and we are hopeful it will help others to also know the joy of reconciliation…may it be sooner rather than later. S&A

“Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:13
Let’s Call It Even (Lyrics)


He came down to his final day,

With something on his heart he had to say

To his daughter, from the heart of a father

He took her hand, couldn’t stop the tears,

He said, “I’ve let you down thru the years

Wish I could do it over, I’d do it better

Lord knows I’d do it better.”


She stood by his bed, they both cried,

She wiped the tears from his eyes

And said, “I understand, you’ve done the best you can

But would it help if I reminded you

About the teenage hell I put you through

O Daddy, here’s what we ought to do…”


“Let’s call it even

We both had a bad run

Let’s talk about the good times

We can say we both won

On the other side of heaven’s door

You won’t find love keeping score

We’re forgiven

Let’s call it even.”


He said, “I guess its true what they say, a little child will lead the way

My sweet baby, what a gift you just gave me

Now I can leave this world feeling free, nothing between you and me

No regrets, its God’s mercy…”






S&A Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/2015

“ineedasong4” Songs for Occasions

ineedasongforThis service will remain accessible here on our homepage slider. We’re calling it “ineedasong4” and the content included is a “stack” of our songs that are often requested and used for special occasions.

To view the selections, scroll down the page and you’ll find categories such as “ineedasong4a wedding” or  “ineedasong4Father’s Day,” etc. You can listen to the song in full and if you choose to use it, simply click on the “buy” icon in the song window and you’ll be taken to the Bandcamp website where the purchase of the download can be made.  You’re also welcome to visit us at Bandcamp and check out all of our songs currently available there.

If you have any questions about the songs or need lyrics don’t hesitate to email us at the address found on our “contact” page. Thanks for considering these songs for your special event!!! S&A



ineedasong4…a graduation event (high school or college)

ineedasong4a brother to play for a sister, a sister to play for a brother    (adolescent age)

Teen and older brother and sister


ineedasong4...a wedding
Below is the accompaniment track for “The Ships Are Burning” useful only for live performance of the song.


ineedasong4celebrating marriage/love


ineedasong4parenting/kids growing up

Praying for children

Disciplining children


ineedasong4…Father’s Day


ineedasong4Mother’s Day


ineedasong4Our Thanksgiving dinner blessing




ineedasong4…addressing the topic of Forgiveness



Memorial Day Tribute- “Took A Bullet For”

To honor the past and present members of our nation’s military who have sacrificed so greatly we offer this music video that features the song, “Took a Bullet For.”

Words & Music: Steve Chapman/Lindsey Williams

Vocal: Tim Buppert

Times & Seasons Music/Really Big Bison Music (BMI)

(Song and video available as a listen and viewing only on this website and You Tube)

Upcoming Live Events!








To schedule us for a future event please go to our  Contact Us Page”    …and thanks for considering us!!!  S&A



April 14   Madison, AL   Greenbrier Baptist Church   /  Wild Game Dinner with Steve

For info: 256-355-8032


April 22 (a.m.)  N. Mankato, MN    /  New Creation Church / Steve & Annie in Morning Worship /        Sponsored by Gentle Shepherd Ministries

April 22  (p.m.)   Mankato, MN  / Hosanna Lutheran Church  / Evening concert /                                         Sponsored by Gentle Shepherd Ministries

For info: 507-327-1480


April 28  Fulton, MS   /  Bethel Baptist Church / “Wild Beast Feast”  with Steve

For info: 662-862-7375


May 11-13    Dundalk, MD   /  Eastern Assembly of God

Friday- “eMen Sportsman’s Banquet” with Steve

Saturday “eWomen Ladies Ministry Brunch” with Annie

Sunday- a.m. Worship Service  with Steve & Annie

For Info: visit… Eastern Assembly of God 


May 19,20   Point Pleasant, WV   / First Church of God  /  Saturday evening banquet with Steve & Annie

Sunday a.m. service with Steve and Annie

For info: visit…. First Church of God


June (Working on a new book!)


July 14  Downs, KS   /  2 events sponsored by:

Rose Valley United Methodist Church

Morning: Ladies Tea with Annie at 10a.m. / Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall

Evening: Concert at Down Memorial Hall / Downs, KS  6:30 p.m.

For info: 785-545-7045


August 9   Mt. Carmel, IN  / First Baptist Church Mt. Carmel / Wild Game Dinner with Steve

For info: 618-263-6563


September 20-21    Cannadensis, PA /  Spruce Lake Retreat Center

Men’s Retreat and Wild Game Dinner with Steve

For info: 570-595-7505


November 16    Millsboro, DE   Bayshore Community Church

Thanksgiving Feast Night with Steve & Annie

For info: 302-238-7370


November 18   (Private event in Indiana)