“He’s Not Here To See It”

My Dad went home to heaven in late 2015. Knowing that he’s in a place of total peace right now is a comforting thought. And, the fact that he’s not affected by all the chaos in the world is not only a great blessing it’s also the inspiration behind the song, “He’s Not Here To See It.” Maybe you feel the same way about a loved one who is with the Lord.

 He’s Not Here To See It 

When I said goodbye to Dad

It was hard to see him go

He sure is missed ’round here

But I wonder if he knows

There are times I hear ’bout things

And I just don’t wanna believe it

I think of him and say to myself 

I’m glad he wasn’t here to see it

Like that old farm where he grew up

And his home place on the hill

State came through and took it all

Poured concrete in the fields

And that church down the road where he went all his life

Learned God’s Word and how to live it

Preacher went crazy and burned it to the ground

I’m glad he wasn’t here to see it

Sometimes I look to the sky

And whisper in my heart

O Dad, how glad I am

You are where you are

Seems like this old world

Is gettin’ darker by the minute

With all the madness goin’ on, he’s blessed to be gone

Cause he’s not here to see it

He had Ol’ Glory painted on his skin

Back when he served his country on the seas

Now it would kill his soul to watch someone

Hear that anthem and take a knee

And his sister tried givin’ up the wine

But she just couldn’t leave it

Oh how she cried when they took her from her home 

I’m glad he wasn’t here to see it

And I think about Mom, she can’t remember his name

It’s by the grace of God that he was spared that pain

Sometimes I look to the sky

And whisper in my heart

O Dad, how glad I am

You are where you are

Seems like this old world

Is gettin’ darker by the minute

With all the madness goin’ on, he’s blessed to be gone

He’s not here to see it

(Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music, Inc/2019)

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This Is Why We Stand

An important reminder as we head to the football stadiums this fall…

This Is Why We Stand
For every little boy who wants to be
Just like his soldier dad he will never see again
This is why we stand
For every little girl who will marry someday
Without her soldier dad to give away  her hand
This is why we stand
For every brokenhearted dad and mom
Waiting for a soldier child to come home
On that Angel Flight, and they watch it land
This is why we stand for the red white and blue
As they sing those words written down for me and you
To remember, freedom has a price
To say our thanks for their sacrifice
This is why…this is why we stand 
For every tear that falls through the night
From the face of soldier’s lonely wife…she’s missing him
This is why we stand
For every family table with an empty chair
Cause a son or a daughter won’t be there to hear “Amen.”
This is why we stand
For every wound and every scar
That can be found on a soldier’s heart…
and in their mind and on their skin
We stand…Cause every reason we can
Has a name, and a face, and they fight to keep us safe
S Chapman. 9 29 17 
Times & Seasons Music, Inc


“ineedasong4” Songs for Occasions

ineedasongforThis service will remain accessible here on our homepage slider. We’re calling it “ineedasong4” and the content included is a “stack” of our songs that are often requested and used for special occasions.

To view the selections, scroll down the page and you’ll find categories such as “ineedasong4a wedding” or  “ineedasong4Father’s Day,” etc. You can listen to the song in full and if you choose to use it, simply click on the “buy” icon in the song window and you’ll be taken to the Bandcamp website where the purchase of the download can be made.  You’re also welcome to visit us at Bandcamp and check out all of our songs currently available there.

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ineedasong4…a graduation event (high school or college)

ineedasong4a brother to play for a sister, a sister to play for a brother    (adolescent age)

Teen and older brother and sister


ineedasong4...a wedding
Below is the accompaniment track for “The Ships Are Burning” useful only for live performance of the song.

For the Mother/Son dance…

For the Father/Daughter dance…

Accompaniment track for “You’re The Only Little Girl” with no vocals-instrumental only

Accompaniment track for “You’re The Only Little Girl”   with girl’s voices


ineedasong4celebrating marriage/love


ineedasong4parenting/kids growing up

Praying for children

Disciplining children


ineedasong4…Father’s Day


ineedasong4Mother’s Day


ineedasong4Our Thanksgiving dinner blessing




ineedasong4…addressing the topic of Forgiveness



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July 9     Pleasant View, TN  / Pleasant View First Baptist Church / S&A at the Seniors Luncheon!


July 21    Greenbriar, TN  / Rock Springs Baptist Church / S&A sharing during Homecoming Celebration


July 25   Nashville, TN / S&A scheduled to be present as the Nashville Historical Commission unveils a marker at 16th & Grand (Music Row) that will recognize the contribution that Koinonia Coffeehouse made to the music industry in the city. The group name “Dogwood” (we were part of) is included on the marker.


July 27     Nashville, TN / Koinonia Coffeehouse / 7p.m. / Koinonia Marker Celebration concert with Lanier Ferguson (of “Clay in the Potter’s Hand), Bob Farnsworth (of “Homecoming”), “Fireworks”, and “Dogwood” (Steve, Annie & Ron Elder).


August 7   Nashville, TN  / Bluebird Cafe / 6pm / Steve joins in a writers round with Rob Frazier, Nathan Chapman, and Wilder Atkins


Sept 14     Elizabethtown, PA / Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ / Wild Game Dinner with Steve

For info: 717-367-2651


Sept 21,22     Kingwood, West Virginia/ Kingwood Christian Fellowship / Saturday-Sept 21 @ 6:30 Wild Game Dinner with Steve / Sunda-Sept 22 @ 9a.m. Annie shares with the ladies and S&A share in the 10:30 a.m. Worship Service

For Info: 304-329-6002


Sept 25    Louisville, KY  / Hikes Point Christian Church  / Dinner Concert with Steve & Annie

For Info: 502-473-0403