The Hunter’s Heart of Mercy

“Be Ready When You Come For Me”

One day I went into a patch of woods to set up a stand and discovered a piece of paper tacked to a tree. I was surprised to discover it was a note to me that said,


    “Dear Mr. Chapman…I hear that you travel and sing to deer hunters. Is there any way you could take the words I’ve written below and sing them to your deer hunting friends? If you would, it sure would help me and my friends. 



Of course there’s not an ounce of truth to the story nor the note from the deer. But maybe, just maybe, the song posted below that was written as if Mr. Buck had penned it might encourage you to practice, practice, practice with your weapon of choice. Why? Because a well-placed shot is a way for a skillful hunter to show maximum mercy to creatures that not only provide us with a great food source, they really do have nerve endings. 


The crown of creation its you its not me

I’m here for another reason I was born to be

A coat for your shoulders in the cold and the rain

And the life in my flesh it will feed you I know

I’m sure you will come with your arrow and bow

But don’t forget, I can feel pain

So this one thing I ask of you

This one thing I beg you to do


Be ready, practice, learn from the masters

So that on that morning when its me you come after

Your arrow will fly straight and true

And I will find mercy when it passes through

Like falling asleep in the midmorning sun

If your shot is certain that’s how the end will come for me

Be ready when you come for me


Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI

(Available on the CD, First Winds of Autumn)


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