The Mystery of the Season

According to Market Watch/The Wall Street Journal, this year approximately one third of the American population will travel by planes, trains, and automobiles to see family and friends. The motivation that “drives” travelers to endure everything from the dreaded and invasive TSA agents at airports to the budget busting gasoline prices to a backseat full of christmas-cd-coverscreaming kids is the same…somewhere inside is a mysteriously irresistible longing to reconnect with those we love.

Several years ago when our kids were still at home, Annie and I contemplated foregoing the annual nine-hour trip from Tennessee to West Virginia to see our family there. However, as December 25th drew near we both realized that resisting the urge to see everyone in The Mountain State was futile. We changed our plans, packed up and headed northeast.

On the way to Point Pleasant and Southside, West Virginia the song below was born. As you listen to it, you might hear some familiar emotions that you feel at this time of the year. If you’re thinking about staying home, maybe the words will motivate you to reconsider. If love drives you to pack up and go somewhere, may God give you a safe and enjoyable journey.

(Note: This song is now available only as a digital download. Click on the song title inside the box below to go to “Bandcamp” for downloading.)


Mystery of the Season

I don’t understand it, but it happens every year

It hits me in December, I get that longing to be here

It’s like I’m one of the wise men, and this house is like the star

Something inside me says, “Make that journey,” I can feel it in my heart


It sends me down the highway to feed a hunger in my soul

I drove all day to get here, as if I had control

And the cars out in the driveway tell me I am not alone

Its the mystery of the season, one by one, coming home


Some cross the street to get here, some come from distant shores

Some arrive in their latest success, some arrive in rusty Fords

One may come in anger, and one may choose to stay away

If they do I think I know how they’ll spend their holiday


And I believe the saddest day I’ll ever spend is yet to come

Its when its time to make this journey but all the reasons to are gone


(Steve & Annie Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI-from the CD, “Coming Home For Christmas“)


  1. Greg Tepper says

    I don’t have to ask….you had a very Merry Christmas. As usual, your lyrics get me every time. I just got your study guide for A look at life from a deer stand. I read your book several years ago, but I have to go find it now and read it again which is a good thing. My wife and I had the privilege to share breakfast with you and Annie in Jeannette PA. I pray a blessing upon you and your ministry.
    Greg Tepper

    • Steve and Annie says

      A sincere thanks for your comments. Thanks also for getting the Study Guide. I trust that it will be an encouragement to you and hope you get to dive into some of the content while sitting on a deer stand!
      God bless you and your family and may He give you a safe and fruitful 2013!
      Steve Chapman

  2. Dear Steve and Annie,

    God bless you! Thank you very much for the tremendous and very unique ministry that you have shared with me and others over the many years in which I have seen and heard you. It has inspired much hope, quietness and contentment and certainty of the grace of God for worship, family, work, ministry, and America and beyond. I have since first hearing you said, “Are these not excellent Christian and family counselors?” Is this true? I do not know your credentials, but feel that you do bring tremendous healing in this way. (I humbly admit that I have studied Christian Counseling [Master’s in Christian Counseling, Christian International Graduate School of Theology, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, 1994]).

    Thank you very much!



  3. Is there any way to buy the piano music to this song? I so want to learn to play it…

  4. Bob & Rosalie Wright says

    Dear Chapman’s: We have loved your music for years and have been blessed to see you as a couple of times, once at our church The Dupont Church of the Brethren. I heard your song, Mystery of the Season as I had just left a friend of mine who’s family is so broken and at this time, her heart is so tender. What a Blessing you and your music have always been to us. Rosalie Wright Dupont, Ohio.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Rosalie…thank you for your kind comments. So sad to hear about the brokenness in your friend’s family. We join you in praying that God will bless them with His restoring presence. In Christ the Savior’s name! S&A

  5. Linda and Joe Goodman says

    Thank you Steve and Annie, this brought tears. I’m the one that has no reason to drive to my hometown for Christmas. But I do thank the Lord for the many memories I have. We have made our memories now.
    Love that we have your music, because your music addresses life. ❤️

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