Bring That Child To Me


“Bring That Child To Me” was released around 1986. About six months later we received a letter from a young lady who was attending college. She told us that her very good friend at school had gotten pregnant and was wrestling with the decision of whether or not she would abort the baby. Her friend finally chose to go through with it and made an appointment with a clinic.

The girl who wrote to us said she called her friend and told her she had something she wanted her to hear before she went for her appointment and asked her come by her apartment on the way to the clinic. When Scan 1her friend arrived she asked her to take three minutes and listen to a song on a cassette. The song was, “Bring That Child To Me.”

When the song finished, her friend had tears streaming down her face and at that moment decided she would not keep her appointment at the clinic. Instead, she chose to go ahead with the pregnancy and at birth she would offer the child up for adoption¬†… and she did so but with one request. She asked that her child, a daughter, be given the name, Stephanie, a combination of our names.

What an honor to have a baby named after us but more importantly, may God be praised for the gift of life… and blessed be His name for giving strength and courage to Stephanie’s mother to choose life.



(Bring That Child To Me/Steve & Annie Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI 1986…available on the CD “Love Was Spoken“)

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