Faith Of A Few Close Friends


One day I had lunch with some friends I had not seen in a while.  We took turns catching up on all that was going on in our lives since we had last seen each other. The energetic banter covered everything from the adorable antics of our grandchildren to disgust with the current political climate.

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In the room that was filled with laughter and lamenting, I noticed one among us was not participating. As I turned to look at her I could see tears forming in her eyes.  Seemingly against her will she began to weep openly.  With all attention turned to her, she quietly began to unburden herself.

She confided that her husband had been out of work for two years and the financial survival of her family rested on her tired shoulders.  She said she felt helpless and emotional paralyzed by the situation. 


Spontaneously, we all moved from our seats and gathered around her.  As a group we banned together and began to pray for her.  We were adding our faith to her need; asking God for a divine intervention for her family.

What happened that day reminded me of an account in the gospels about a man who was paralyzed.  He couldn’t get the help he needed on his own but everything changed for him when a few who cared enough about his helplessness to carry him to Jesus.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt helpless and received the assistance of others?  Or, have you been the one to help someone in need?  If so, you will appreciate the song featured in this post.


Faith of a Few Close Friends


There was a man laying paralyzed

He had no power, no hope in his eyes

He lay there waiting for his turn to die

But a miracle was about to begin


Cause all the sudden his bed began to move

They were lifting him up, but he didn’t know who

He could hardly say it, but he whispered, “Who are you”

And they said, “We’re just a few close friends”


They took that man to Jesus

He had no faith of his own

But when Jesus saw the faith of a few close friends

He said, “Take up your bed, man, take up your bed and go home.”


Now, there are homes filled with children and husbands and wives

Who feel like that man who was paralyzed

They have no hope they will ever survive

But let the miracles begin


Let those who are strong, and those who care

Lift them up to Jesus through the power of prayer

Take them to the Healer and on your way there

Don’t forget about that man and his friends


They took that man to Jesus

He had no faith of his own

But when Jesus saw the faith of a few close friends

He said, “Take up your bed, man, take up your bed and go home.”


S. Chapman  – Available on the CD, “The Miles”



  1. Wayne Broadstone says

    Hi Steve & Anne. I’ve been a fan forever, even back in 2ond Chapter Of Acts days, Anne.
    So,…..what happened to the broken in spirit lady whom you guys prayed for??? You’ve left us hanging, dang it!. Does she still need help? I could find no time reference of when the gathering took place, so this may have been years ago.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks! We appreciate you connecting with us and for the remembrance. Regarding the lady we prayed for it was indeed quite a while ago but after much effort to press through some very difficult times today she and her family are doing well. Thanks for asking and for the chance to follow up.

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