Pastoring…A Costly Call

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Pastor Paul J Chapman

There have been an unusual number of inquiries about the song “Don’t Unpack Your Bags.” For that reason we are re-featuring this post.                                                                                                                  

              Having been raised in the home of a pastor and seeing what it requires of a life to respond to that calling, we offer the song, “Don’t Unpack Your Bags” at the end of this post.

Pastoring can be a costly call. The price that is paid to fill the pulpit can include a person’s physical health due to the constant, unrelenting work involved. It can also include their emotional health due to the stress related to dealing with everything from apathy to something even worse, that is, the opposers and power-hungry individuals in the congregation.

To all of us who attend churches with pastors, Annie and I want to remind you of something very important… PASTORS ARE PEOPLE, TOO!

They need our prayers, our words of affirmation, thanks, and encouragement. And by all means, they need our prayers for their physical, emotional and spiritual protection… as well as that of their families.

We hope the song, “Don’t Unpack Your Bags,” will remind you to pray for your pastor. If you happen to be a person in the pastorate and the song paints a familiar picture for you, please know that our heart’s cry is that God will sustain you through the field of battle that the pulpit can sometimes become.

If you are the spouse of a pastor whose life is represented in the song, may God give you an extra measure of grace and strength as you stand with your beloved. If you are the son or daughter of a battered pastor, may the Lord protect you from believing that all church members are evil. Believe it or not, there are those who care…and we are two that do.

“Don’t Unpack Your Bags” is available on the CD, “That Way Again.”



  1. Carolyn Wight says

    We have been listening to your music for about 25 years. We still love every song. We have been to a few of your concerts . We have not been to one in a few years. Do you ever come to Il. ? We live in Ladd, Il.

    If you could please send my Pastor a copy of this song she would love it.

    Pastor Karin Orwig

    This is a Nazarene Church in Peru, Il. 61354

    Thanks and keep singing,
    Carolyn Wight

    P.S. we have all of your music on cassette tapes (that’s how old they are) we are going to re buy them on C D.

  2. Debbie Miller says

    The song is captivating…because it is the truth. Thank you for giving yourselves to the Lord Steve and Annie. I’ve been listening since the 80’s.
    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Would love to have a free copy of this song. My hubby is a Senior Pastor in Anchorage,Alaska. We just moved here in September……. Thank you.

  4. Marty Herman says

    Hi Steve and Annie, I am the Chaplain of the Redeemed Riders, Christian Motorcyclists Association, of the Capital Dist of New York. It seems that every time I get an email from you, go on your website or see you in concert as I did a couple of years ago in Watertown, NY, I am encouraged, and uplifted. I have shared this ‘Pastoring … A Costly Call’ with my pastor. Thank you so much for all you do. Thank you so much for not bending with the winds of this world, but standing straight and unwavering, shoulder to shoulder with the Lord! May God so richly bless you both that you just caint hold it all!

  5. Dave & Paulene Mason says

    Thanks for writing this song! Sad but true. We were mistreated by two churches and now serve as elders in our church, which is making life miserable for our pastor and his wife. Thank God we have four supportive elders.

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