It Takes One To Hunt One

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A field full of Butterballs.

With spring gobbler season just a few weeks away here in Tennessee I want to re-share this post in case  some of my fellow bird chasers missed it the first time.

One morning while sitting in the dark shade of a huge oak waiting for birds to show up, I recalled an evening a few years ago when I asked Annie if there was anything she needed me to do the next day. As soon as I asked the question she knew why I was inquiring. Her response was an understanding, “Not a thing! Enjoy your hunt tomorrow!”

I smiled, thanked her profusely and told her where my friend and I would be going the next morning to chase the spring gobblers. That’s when she returned a mischievous smile and said the words that have become famous around our house and repeated many times since that evening.

“Turkey…it takes one to hunt one!” (Isn’t that a nice way to be called a turkey?)

Actually, I really don’t mind the humorous dig if the turkey referred to is one of the smart old gobblers that remain faithful to the hen he’s with. In fact, I consider it a major compliment because he’s a feller I want to be like. Its guys like him who live to see another spring.

However, I’d prefer not to be called a turkey if its in reference to a bird like the one in the steve tkypicture that’s draped over my shoulder. He did a very unwise thing. He left his hen and responded to the call of another woman. Little did he know he was responding to the human tempter (me) and walking into range of my 12 gage. Not smart.

If you happen to be reading this post right now and you’re married, What kind of man…er…turkey do you want to be? I have a feeling you’d like to avoid the mistake of chasing after another woman and getting spiritually and emotionally shot. If so, we’re thinking alike. May God help us both be smart birds.


  1. steve schlabach says

    Hi Steve… we met in Apple Creek, Ohio this spring > I really enjoyed the weekend with you and Annie. We talked huntin and my 2 boys, Tyler and Trent, came on Sunday night to hear you all sing and you talked turkey huntin. I just want to tell you Thanks !!!!! O and how was your turkey season? The 3 of us all got nice birds. Trent got his gobbler the first day and Tyler and I got a double the last day of the season. What a blast >>>. I would like to send you pic of us if you tell me where to send them . MAY GOD BLESS YOU. YOUR A MAN OF MY KIND. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry I’m late in replying. I’ve been busy writing a new book for hunters and something more important, we welcomed our first grandson a couple of weeks ago. He’s the first “buck” in the Chapman woods after four grand-girls.
      I had a great turkey season. I bagged one 10 inched but enjoyed helping a couple of others get their toms. Now its get ready for bow season in a few short months.
      Blessings to you and tell Tyler and Trent hello for me.

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