The Arrow & The Bow




The Arrow and the Bow


Here is wisdom for the moms and dads

That time has proven true

The day your children learn to walk

They start to walk away from you


For at first you hold all of them

Cradled safely in your arms

Then one day their hand is all you’ll hold

Then soon it’s just their heart


And there’ll even come the time

If your love for them is true

You’ll have to let their hearts go free

To let them love

Someone else not only you


Can the sparrow ever learn to fly

If the nest is all it knows

Can the arrow ever reach its mark

By remaining in the bow

You have to let it go


Here is wisdom for the moms and dads

That time has proven true

The day your children learn to walk

They start to walk away from you


S Chapman





  1. Linda Wells says

    Hi Steve and Annie,
    Just a quick note to say your music is beautiful to my ears. The Lord has used it through the years to minister to my heart. My husband and I heard you at a concert in Madison Wi some 28 years ago. Our small daughter was with us at the time and you sang, “The Arrow and the Bow” and somehow the truth of the message of this song stuck with me.
    Well, the years had passed and this little girl married a fine young man who is a Godly Pastor and they have 6 children and one on the way!!
    Our daughter was 19 and we thought her fellow should wait a bit to marry her but he was not convinced. They had a beautiful God honoring wedding but I had one request. A friend with a beautiful voice and our Pastor was a talented guitar player sang, “The Arrow and the Bow” I must say they did a stellar job with the song. As they sang and played
    my eyes teared up a bit as I remembed that little girl at your concert, now the bride and time to let our arrow fly. They have been married for 13 years this August.
    My husband and I are blessed with 5 children married to believing spouses and 14 grandchildren, 2 more being fearfully and wonderfully formed. My husband and I are celebrating 40 years of marriage in August. The Lord in His mercy saved our souls 38 years ago and we give thanks for His calling us out of darkness into His marvelous light!
    Thank you for your ministry-Mark and Linda Wells

    • Steve and Annie says

      Mark and Linda,
      A sincere thanks for your comments about The Arrow and the Bow. We’re delighted that it has been so meaningful to your family through the years. Congrats on all the grandchildren as well as your children who have honored Christ with their lives. We can say with Apostle Paul, “I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in truth!” God’s continued blessings on you and all your family!
      Steve & Annie

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