New Book For Hunters! by Steve Chapman

New book from  Steve Chapman

New book from
Steve Chapman

I am excited to announce that my latest book for hunters is now available. It is titled,

             “With Dad On A Deer Stand.”

This book features some of my own stories of hunts with our son and daughter as well as great stories shared by several others fathers, sons and daughters who have enjoyed hunting together.

This book is packed with the emotions that are unique to the father/child relationship. And, the adventures that are shared are not only entertaining to read, they are life-changing.

My hope is that “With Dad On A Deer Stand” will not only be a blessing as you read it, I hope it will inspire you to create your own lasting memories that can happen…with dad on a deer stand!

Steve & Nathan 1987

Steve & Nathan


Whether you’re a dad taking  your child hunting or an adult making a hunt special for your dad, you’ll enjoy this book!

“With Dad On A Deer Hunt” can be purchased here at our website by clicking here You can also find it on many of the Choice Book shelves at airports, grocery stores, restaurants, and truck stops, and at Lifeway as well as other Christian bookstores.

If you order a copy here at our website and would like it signed to someone, be sure to let us know  by sending us an email right after you place the order using the address on the “contact” page on this website.

Please note that at present we have a only a few copies on hand but we should be well stocked by July 25th. You’re welcome to go ahead and order and we’ll ship it as soon as our order arrives.

Blessings on your upcoming season!





  1. Leonard L Schneider says

    hi Steve; I started reading your books about a year ago and am very intrigued by your stories, they hit home with me and my life! I am not much of a reader, but have found your books easy to read and follow along with as it pertains to my growing up and also my two sons. keep up the good work, I have already bought your new book and have read it! awesome book and stories! thanks for giving me the peace of knowing that there is an awesome god and when I hunt with my boys I truly know that I am blessed to be able to witness all of gods beauty in the outdoors! with gods blessings Leonard….

    • Steve and Annie says

      A big thanks for your comment. I’m delighted that you’re enjoying the books and that you’ve read the new release. May the Lord bless your upcoming season and your time with your boys. May He give you great success and safety!
      Steve Chapman

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