Mom’s Apple Wisdom

Knowing how much influence that friends can have on a person’s life, my Mother looked for a way to illustrate that character-building truth to my sister and me when we were quite young. This video tells how she successfully accomplished such an important parenting goal.

    If this video contains wisdom that you want to pass on to others, especially the young ones, please send a link to this page to them.


(The song, “The Friends You Keep,” is available at this time only as a part of this You Tube video. If you’re interested in getting a download of the song only, email us at the address found on our “contact” page)


  1. Larry Merrill says

    Great Video, Steve. I’m going to send it to our Steve who’s down in Leavenworth Kansas. He’s the youth pastor in a small church there and I’m sure that he can share it with his kids. I’ll also send it to our youth Pastor in our church. God bless you both and keep up the great work for the Lord.

  2. steve schlabach says

    love it !!!

  3. Mike McCartney says

    Great video and lesson Steve. I think I will bring it as an object lesson for our youth group on a Sunday nite. I appreciate being on the mailing list. Mike in N. California

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