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WellsboroHomePage.com is a NEW MEDIA experience combining an electronic Newspaper/Magazine with TV like video news coverage.  It’s all wrapped up in the convenience of a Home Page which gives our viewers access to many of their favorite and most used internet resources.  Our main story for Thursday, January 9th features Steve Chapman discussing A LOOK AT LIFE FROM A DEER STAND.  This feature includes a special, never seen before, video of the song, “First One,” that Dad’s will not want to miss!

We encourage you to log on often and enjoy the informative, entertaining and inspiring content.  Annie’s interview about her book, “The Mother-in-Law Dance” will follow and we’ll let you know when.


  1. Steve Brumfield says


    Steve Brumfield

  2. Jim Hummel says

    As you know, I’m not much of a hunter… but as a father, I loved the song and I agreed with the encouragement. Thanks, brother!


    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks for watching. And a great father you are. Oh how I wish America, yea, even the world, had more dads like you!
      Blessings to your family,
      S Chapman

  3. Kenny and Donna Johnson says

    WOW!!!!! Even tho we’ve never sat down face to face and had a conversation, you have truly been an inspiration to us!!!! Thank you so much for your ministry and this video!!!! Awesome and so proud to say “we are friends” K & D Johnson

    • Steve and Annie says

      Appreciate your encouragement. Its a great blessing to you know the two of you as well. We’ll look forward to meeting in person. My folks in WV say hey!
      Steve Chapman

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