Harold G. Stoltzfus…”Faith Is Like a Melody” (My Father’s Song)

While in the Lancaster, PA area we stayed at The Hurst House Bed & Breakfast in Farmersville. During breakfast on Sunday morning March 30th we were privileged to meet Sylvia Stoltzfus and her two daughters, Crystal and Yvonne.


Harold G. Stoltzfus

Sylvia’s husband of 54 years had gone to be with the Lord just the morning before. The loss that she and her daughters were feeling was written on their faces and heard in their tender words about a man who was a caring husband and a wonderful father.

Before Sylvia and her daughters left to tend to the preparation of Harold’s service a very moving story was shared by Crystal about a dream she had about her Dad. It inspired the song that is included in this post. The lyric reveals what she told us. We hope the video that was added to the song will bless the Stoltzfus Family as they walk through these days of loss, and we hope it will bless others who see it as well.

(Our grand daughter, Lily Anne Beall, is singing the part of Crystal and I’m singing Harold’s part. A free download of the song is below).


  1. Crystal Troxell says

    Good Morning, Steve and Annie! Thank you so much for sharing this. You truly have blessed us, and this will be shared in my Dad’s Celebration of Life today. This is a gift from God that takes my breath away. It is my prayer that it will inspire everyone that reads and hears this to “finish the song.”

    • Steve and Annie says

      You’re very welcome. Continued blessings on you and all the Stoltzfus Family!

  2. Letcher McLemore says

    “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” has been my favorite hymn for many years, and now I have another reason to love that hymn! Bless you for sharing your talents with all of us. It sounds like your grand-daughter is following in her grand-dad’s footsteps!

  3. Sylvia Stoltzfus says

    Thank you Steve and Annie Chapman for your expressions of love and encouragement the day following
    the loss of my husband. Thank you for composing ” the song”. It touched and blessed many people at the”celebration” of life for my husband. The man in the picture is Harold Stoltzfus and grandson, Dustin age two… fourteen years ago. He is the son of Crystal Troxell.

    • Steve and Annie says

      We were honored to have met you and your sweet daughters. To hear your very complimentary words about Harold told us that he was indeed a wonderful man. May the Lord continue to strengthen and comfort you and your family as you walk on. And…thanks for using the song at the “Celebration of Life” service. It has been a blessing to others who have heard it here at our website. S&A

  4. Delite Christman says

    Wow Lily sings like an angel….. just like you Steve and Annie and her Ma ma. How exciting to have the next generation singing. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Sylvia Stoltzfus says

    As fresh grief overwhelms me this morning of week twelve it is a renewed comfort to hear this song again and to see the picture of Harold holding the hand of our two old grandson, Dustin Troxell, Crystals son. I well remember this day…we were traveling together and diverted off the interstate to a side road for a little break. Dustin is now seventeen…this picture of the two hand in hand is a beautiful reminder to me of Gods promise to hold my hand in this journey of grief.
    You will always be remembered for the gentle comfort you were to us that morning at breakfast…and then for Steve and Annie to do the song of Gods faithfulness which touched and softened the many persons at the memorial service. Thank you

  6. Roy & Kathy Good says

    Sylvia –so sorry for your loss—just heard about it this evening when we were with our family. Our middle daughter–Patty told us and I was trying to find your address to send you a note and found this website—Beautiful! We tried to contact you again after we saw you that last time–but were not successful. Let us know where you are and maybe we can contact you someway. Kathy& Roy

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