“Save My Father”

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Not long ago at a wild game dinner event where I was to speak a gentleman privately came to me and said something that gripped my heart. He quietly whispered, “My dad is here tonight. He’s not saved and I’ve been praying that he will respond to the Gospel.”

The look of concern on the son’s face as he spoke of his great hope that his dad would yield his life to Christ was an expression I couldn’t forget. I began to wonder how many others have the same desperate longing in their hearts for their father or another loved one who is yet to know Christ as Savior.

 With that in mind, the song included with this post was written. My hope is that “Save My Father” might be an encouraging melody and lyric that will echo in your heart as you pray for someone you love who is spiritually lost.

(“Save My Father” / Steve Chapman / Times & Seasons Music, Inc/ BMI …This song is available only as a download at this time)





  1. Eileen Kruper says

    Thanks, Steve and Annie,

    I prayed for all my unsaved loved ones while listening to this beautiful song. It’s a wonderful encouragement!

  2. gerald sundberg says

    A very good song that fits my prayer routine for our children and my brother.

  3. Barb Gordon says

    Thank you.

  4. Bradley Sloan says

    Dear Steve,
    Another great song. It made me think of my own father. I hope I get to see him in Heaven some day. He always took our family to church, but never professed Christ. I believe his smoking kept him from trusting in Jesus during his life. He died of cancer and couldn’t speak at the end, but my sister believes he tried to let us know that he accepted Christ before he died. I surely hope he did so We can see him again when we go to Heaven.

  5. Galen Nordin says

    Dear Steve and Annie,
    Thank you for another great song and prayer! May God bless your ministry! I hold on tight to the truth of God’s word, proclaiming the power of prayer! Take care and God’s blessings to you and your family.

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