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The Tales Hunters Tell is just what the subtitle implies, “stories of adventure and inspiration!”  The tales are based on stories I’ve lived as well as some I’ve heard along the trail of life. I suspect you’ll smile a lot while reading because you’ll see yourself in the scenes, and because hunters can be an emotional lot, your eyes might even get a little misty with one of the stories.

In addition to the ten new tales in the book, Harvest House Publishers has graciously included the entire text of the original book titled, “Full Draw.” This suspenseful story is about a hunter named Joe Tanner who, while in the woods pursuing the elusive whitetail, finds himself being pursued by a couple of dangerous fugitives. His only hope for survival is to use his hunting skills. You’ll also be intrigued by the way his wife, son and a few friends get involved in the fray.

My thanks to all of you have read my previous books for hunters and I hope you’ll enjoy this new offering. With deer season not too far away you’ll need some reading material while you wait for the big one to walk under your stand. Just don’t forget to look up every once in a while as you read!

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  1. Bud and Wendy McLellan says

    Dear Steve and Annie
    Thank you for your recent book ‘The Tales Hunters Tell’. My husband has been a hunter since he was a child, some 60 years ago (he is 74). Because of a diagnosis of Myelodyspasia Syndrome, brought on by chemotherapy 7 yrs ago, he has not been able to hunt these past two years and sadly he grows weaker by the day. However, every night we have been reading your book before he goes to sleep. The hunting stories, and especially the Full Draw story, have been the only distraction that he has enjoyed and helps him in a small way to forget the truth of his condition. The stories transport him to his beloved tree stand, and it was always the place he felt closest to God. Bless you as you continue to provide these moments of joy to your readers. May God keep his hand on you and your ministry.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Wendy…We are deeply moved by your message about Bud’s struggle with the syndrome you described. We pray that God will strengthen him in his body and give him an extra measure of trust in the Lord during this time. And, we pray that God will bless you as you help your husband through this huge challenge. Thanks too for the report about Bud’s enjoyment of Tales Hunters Tell during his unwelcome absence from the hunter’s woods. I (Steve) am very grateful that the stories have been an uplift to him. God bless you both and thanks again for writing. S&A

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