Our NEW CD “You Have My Word”

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Our new CD is now available!

In 2008 we were feeling like we were near the end of the trail of recording. For that reason we decided to name the CD we did that year, “Finish Well.” When we told folks that it could very well be our last release we would add, “If we ever do another one we’ll call it, “Just Kidding!” We were being facetious, sort of. In reality, we honestly did think we might never release another recording.

However…Steve so enjoys the process of songwriting that he just couldn’t abandon it. As a result, not only has he written many songs since then on his own, he branched out into the yet explored and fruitful world of co-writing. Writers on the co-written songs include Dana Bacon, Lindsey Williams and Joseph Habedank.

We have named this new 16-song CD, You Have My Word. The title song can be heard on this website by clicking here. Fifteen of the songs are newly written and one is a revisit (“Wednesday’s Prayer”). Most of the songs are stories and just a few of the topics covered are: committed love, the treasures of grandchildren, fishing with kids, praying for a lost parent, and the dangers of the internet.

Thanks to our friend and fellow musician, Lindsey Williams, for three of the tracks on the recording (Run, He’s Got A Line, One Day Longer). We included one track created by our multiple Grammy Award winning son/producer in the early years of his career (Wednesday’s Prayer). Steve did the remainder of the tracks in his laptop using the “Garage Band” software and an AKG414 mic.

We hope you’ll enjoy the songs on, “You Have My Word.” (See song list below) You can get the CD at our store (click here) or we will be posting the songs and lyrics for download in the next few weeks at our Bandcamp site. (You can save a little on postage by ordering via mail with a check or money order (13.00) to: S&A Family/ PO Box 337 / Pleasant View, TN 37146)

Thanks so much to those of you who asked to hear the songs again!


Songs on “You Have My Word”: Down to Logan, You Have My Word, Laughter In These Walls, Treasures, Scars of Love, One Day Longer, I Like You Too, Run, Save My Father, Get ’em Ready, Wednesday’s Prayer, One Little Word, Tangled Web, He’s Got A Line, The Friends You Keep, Just Add Water


  1. Mike McCartney says

    just bought the new album. can’t wait to hear the new songs. but isn’t this what “Finishing Well” is all about my dear brother? I am reminded of the Psalm that says “The Heavens declare the glory of God.” And how do they do that? They just stay faithfully each night in the place their Creator has put them while shining with all the light He has given them. And that’s how we give glory to the One who inspires us. Just by faithfully keeping on doing what He has given us to do. May the Maker of the Stars keep on blessing you years thru the years as much as you are a blessing to us your readers. Mike

  2. Dianne Capers Payne says

    So thrilled to see your faces on my FB page thanks to Brian Mason!! It’s been a tumultuous last 20 years, with a divorce, serious illness, and remarriage to a wonderful, kind, Christian man! Of course a deciding factor on my saying “yes” to him was that he too had listened to and loved the Steve and Annie music. So since life has settled into more of a routine, I was planning on looking you up and seeing if you two were still performing anywhere. We are in the Knoxville area, but are in the Nashville area fairly regularly. I think Mike McCartney said it so beautifully how God uses us until we leave this earth. We’re thankful HE’s still using you two. Still love you, Dianne

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