“Water Grave” Heidi, Steve & Annie Live performance

Josie and Emmitt Baptism Aug 31 2014

Emmitt (son-in-law) and Josephine at “the river”

Whenever we get to sing with our daughter, Heidi, it’s always a huge joy. And getting to sing at the baptism of our daughter’s daughter made it even more special. We hope you enjoy this video that documents a wonderful memory for our family.

Steve & Annie


  1. Kenny and Donna Johnson says

    Wow this was awesome !!!!! Y’all harmony is just awesome. And Steve I have heard this song for years and just today realized you wrote it!!!!! Wow how awesome!!! What an honor for y’all to sing it for such a memeroable occasion !!!! Love you guys so much and think of you often. God bless. Dj

  2. Steve and Annie,
    I want to amen what Donna said! Awesome!! So fun to see Heidi singing with you. What an honor as the next generation choose to serve the Lord! Wow God always has good things in mind for our lives.
    Blessings to you guys so much and think of you often. Praying for you and your dear family!!

  3. I was so blessed to be there to hear this song “live” on this special Sunday morning! It was such a blessing to see little Josie baptized, and this song made the morning extra special! I always love to hear Heidi sing with you both! I am so glad our son married into such a wonderful family!

    Emmitt and I love you both!


    • WOW! It sounds brand new!!! Still powerful…
      I love the harmony! Heidi adds a terrific new twist! Put it on the radio…pitch it to Ricky Skaggs!!! Somebody needs to re-release this!!!!! Love it!

  4. George & Donna Ferrell says

    Steve, Annie and Heidi,
    Absolutely a beautiful song… Love the harmony and blend of music.. Very powerful and moving.
    Love you guys….
    George and Donna….

  5. Letcher McLemore says

    “Wednesday’s Prayer” is also for grand-children. Josie is now your and our sister. The Lord has blessed!

  6. How did I miss this?!?! That is awesome! 🙂

  7. COOL – What a treat!!!
    Got any more like this?
    – a little late to the game, I reckon –
    I’ve been on a Dogwood kick lately.
    And whatever was that “Zoe” thing in ’77?
    Now, if only I could download this sucker…

    and . . . “don’t that just fry yer taters?”

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