An Important Reminder to Hubbies Who Hunt!

Hey guys…hunting season is now open across the nation and its not only time to for us to enjoy the “fair chase” its also time to get an important reminder that deer is only one way to spell the word. I hope you won’t forget about your dear during this hunting season.

I don’t suggest that you stop doing what you like to do in order to not make your wife a “deer widow” from now until January. Instead, I want to help you do the hunting thing right. I can assist you in doing it in a way that will not only help her appreciate your passion for the outdoors but she just might actually encourage you to get out there and enjoy it. All it requires is to do a little reading. To find out how I can help, watch the video below….and may your season be safe and successful!

Steve Chapman


  1. Dave and Mary Rison says

    In 1973 my wife and I gave our lives to Jesus and in 1978 begin serving God in pastoral ministry. During those early years we saw you sing at a district event and were blessed by your Spirit and message in song. Recently we purchased an older vehicle with a cassette player and played your music. Over these 37 years of Pastoral ministry your lyrics and music have Blessed us and our family many times over and over. My wife and I wanted to say THANK YOU for allowing God’s grace to flow through your lives! In our family 3 generations continue to be Blessed.

    Thank You Steve & Annie,

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