Steve’s Brown Bear Hunt

On May 9th, 2015 I left Tennessee and headed to Sitka, Alaska to brown bear hunt with guide, Dale Adams, from Adams Alaskan Safaris. What an awesome experience to say the least.

From eating fresh caught crabs and shrimp nearly every day to viewing massive whales, beautiful eagles, sea lions and otters and being surrounded by some of the earth’s most incredible geography, it was the trip of a lifetime.

As if all awesome views and tasty food were not enough to take in, a really heart-pounding event occurred on day two of the adventure. That’s when we spotted a brown bear that measured over nine feet tall and weighed close to a thousand pounds. The result of the encounter is pictured below. Wsfv9pFDAEjbZUYvuo-Q1P1f6Zby6DZ0ERTGfluPNQg









My thanks to the “team” aboard the boat, “Surveyor,” for their help with the monstrous bear. Left to right are, Jason Rumsey, Wayne Marcho, the old guy, Lindsey Williams, Dale Adams, and Alex. (Not pictured is Dale’s wife, Lori, who went along and did the cooking. Every meal was a gastronomical jubilee!! I think I weigh an extra ten pounds.)DSC_0017


  1. Steve and Annie, My name is Doug Ness. In 1976, you came to my farm in Minnesota to to play at the outdoor concert “Festival of the Lamb”
    My wife and I of 38 years now live in the winter in Nampa, Idaho and at our Lodge in Alaska at Lake Clark in the summer. We have 7 children all saved and serving the Lord.
    We are using your book “Reel time with God for the morning devotions. The devotions book is great.
    We are very involved in various mentorship ministries and the outdoors.
    I see you have a blessed schedule doing what you were called to.

    Blessings to you,
    Doug and Marge

    • Steve and Annie says

      A sincere thanks for connecting. We appreciate your encouraging comments. Sounds like your lives are rich with blessings in your children. May the Lord continue to keep you in His care. S&A

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