“The Key”

Many of us deeply desire to feel close to others and to serve them, especially family members. However, some are unable to do so because of being bound in some kind of prison. One of these prisons is unforgiveness. The sad thing is that too many of us are unaware that this is the cause of the bondage and just go on living without understanding why we are unable to be available to those we love. If this dilemma is yours we hope the lyrics of this song will help you be set free by “The Visitor” who holds the key to that prison

The Key

I cannot tell you how I was hurt

But I’ll tell you I’ve had some tears

I cannot tell you who it was

That turned my trust into fears

But I took the pieces of my broken heart

And I built some prison walls

There I’ve held that offender for years

And this is what I thought


“He’ll never know, never know no freedom

As long as I live, I’ll never give, never give him freedom

I’ll never, never give him freedom.”


But then one day the visitor came

To this prison in my heart

He said, “You ought to know the truth about

The one behind the bars…

Yes he’s weak and he’s and weary

He has not smiled in years

And you have been successful

At keeping his eyes filled with tears


But oh how he longs for his freedom

These words are the key

They first came from

‘Father forgive them’

Come let me show you how to use them.”


“Now don’t you know the offender

Is rarely the one in pain

Instead the one who will not forgive

Is the one who wears the chains.”


So I opened up the prison door

I used forgiveness as the key

And when I let that prisoner go

I found that it was me


Oh how sweet is the freedom

And it came on the day

When my heart prayed,

“Father, forgive them

Father, forgive them…


S Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/1998


  1. Les Wick says

    Thanks for allowing us to once again hear this thought provoking and wonderful song, “The Key.” All of the songs that you wrote, whether in a humorous tone or a serious one, are deeply thought out. Thank you for your commitment to God, and for your commitment for excellence in Christian music.

    • Steve and Annie says

      We are grateful for your encouragement regarding the writing. And thanks for your inquiry about “The Key” that prompted us to go ahead and post it. Blessings to you! S&A

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