“I Held A Great Warrior”

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Paul J Chapman 8/31/1926 – 11/28/2015

Nov. 28th will be the first anniversary of my Dad, Paul J. Chapman, going home to heaven. I had my arms around him trying to help him stand up when his body released his spirit. To say the very least it was an incredibly impacting experience. So much could be said to honor his life but I hope this song will give the honor due a great, great warrior…
Steve Chapman

PS…Please be praying for my Mother, Lillian, who said farewell to her dearest friend and husband of 68 years. She will be moving to Tennessee and residing with Annie and me for a few weeks while my sister, Jeannie, and her husband, Gene, move to Cookeville, TN and prepare a place for Mom to live. I’ll not only have my sweet Mother close to us, my dear sister will be just 90 minutes away as well. We never dreamed we’d all eventually be Tennesseans!


  1. Letcher & Carolyn McLemoe says

    May the life of the Warrior be a testimony to us all.

  2. Lynne Fetty says

    I was introduced to you mom and dad a few years ago at New Hope Church. It was Feburary the 14th. And we had a couples dinner. I sat at their table, you could tell how much they still loved one another. They told stories of how poor they were when they started dating and when they first got married. We played a game that night and both of them were answering questions about one another, guessing what the other would say. We had so much fun and laughed with them. I know your mom will miss him so much, but I also know that she will meet him in Heaven one day. Prayers for your family!

  3. Jodi chapman carter says

    Absolutely beautiful. ❤️

  4. Dylan Handley says

    What a great tribute to your father. I was the paramedic there with you that day and watching you go through what I see so many people have to go through is the hardest part of what I do. I’m confident though that he was released of his earthly burdens and lives on in Heaven. I’m also sure that it’s not good bye, it’s see you later. I hope you find peace and comfort in the difficult days ahead. Thanks again for sharing your tribute to Mr Chapman.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Dylan…my sincere thanks to you for your help. I appreciated your efficient approach to the situation. Please tell Ashley that I noted her caring demeanor as well. I called Karen at the EMT office and commended both of you. Thanks for your encouraging words. Steve Chapman

  5. Greg Bonecutter Sr. says

    So very sorry to hear about PJ, he was a great man old scout. Your Dad led a good long life, we never want to see them go but sometimes I think God needs them more than we do. Will be praying and keeping your Mother in our thoughts. My Mom and Dad have been gone so very long now, still miss them every day. My thoughts have been with you, Kenny Ramey told me about PJ passing, just wanted to give you some time. You and Annie take care, hope to see you all soon.

    Your hillbilly brother Boney

  6. Anna Maria Butler says

    I will remember what you said, that your dear father said….”Remember whose child you are”…God bless him and you Lillian.

  7. Zac Snyder says

    Steve (and Annie), PJ and Lillian was/are loved by this boy!!! When I had first started in the ministry I stayed with them many nights!!! They also took me to all kinds of revivals and sings. He will be missed. I (and all of my family) sure wish we could’ve been there to celebrate his life.

    Love yuns all!

  8. Vicki Moore says

    I’m so sorry to hear of your father’s passing! My sister Gayla Smith lived directly across the street from them. She lost her fight with cancer in April 2014. Your mother came over one evening and WE HAD CHURCH!! I sing Gospel music, also!! I remember as a young girl going down to your fathers church….the one close to the old Marietta Plant. God bless

  9. Bob and Marie Wisemam says

    We were honored and blessed to know your parents. My husband and he preached together several times and would talk with them at the store. We feel privileged to know them.

  10. Greg Barker says

    I use to go to church with PJ & Lillian and in high school go over and have lunch with them , one of the greatest loving couples that I ever encountered, Lillian once said we never go to bed mad at each other , they should have wrote a book on the success of marriage . I missed the funeral but going to stop and see Lillian . Prayers to all the family . Fly high PJ

  11. Dan Weethee says

    Hi Steve, it’s been so long since we’ve talked, but I can’t think of a better time to tell you that I’m thinking about you and your family during this time. I didn’t know your dad but through several messages I’ve read and songs I’ve heard, it’s obvious how much you cared for him. Steve he’s left your house and now lives in Gods house and is making room for his family to join him again one day. Be save. Dan

  12. Linda kuenster says

    So sorry Steve+Annie for your loss….my dad passed away in August of 2013…5 days before my parents 63rd wedding anniversay….mom recently relocated here to AZ from IA..now I can see her whenever I want…As difficult ito is to admit our parents get older..while we wish they could stay young+forever on earth with us,they have an eternal youth in eternity…we will see them again…may our heavenly Father wrap His arms around all of tou….prayers….

  13. Koneda Devrick says

    Your dad was a wonderful man – and your mother is a beautiful person. I remember asking her how she was and she told me she was “wonderfully blessed” and then went on to explain that she realized that when she answered “fine” she was lying, as she had some health issues, but if she said she was blessed it would never be a lie. She asked me to let PJ do the invocation for one – perhaps more – of our hospital auxiliary dinners (she was chaplain for us at the time) and we were always glad that he could do so for us. He had a way with words that was – well, a blessing to us. He will be missed by many.

  14. Libby Jones says

    I knew your father very well always enjoyed the message’s . Our father in heaven had given too him . he was a blessing not only here on this planet but too the angels i’m sure carried him away . we was blessed to have known him.

  15. Joann Wellington says

    LOVE Your Mom and Dad Dearly, Wonderful Family. He will be missed by Many. God Bless You each and everyone.

  16. Freda Wolfingbarger says

    Wonderful man , wonderful friend, great preacher!!

  17. Jimmie Wood Jr. says

    I am thankful to have known Paul. He was a good man. He helped lead my grandfather Tudy to GOD. Paul was a good friend and neighbor. Paul was a staple to the kids of park dr. You could stop by and talk to him and Lillian anytime. They would sit on the porch and watch the kids playing. I remember once wrecking my bike and they helped me up and made sure I was ok.

  18. Donna Kanniard says

    I’ve known Ms Lillian many years from being at the NRC. She always talked about her family showing me pictures and about how proud she was. I only met Mr Chapman a few times but from all the stories I’ve heard told by her he was a kind and gentle caring man who loved God and his family. I’ll never forget the time she told me about him standing over the sink eating a bologna sandwich. Prayers

  19. Tammy Woods says

    Woodie and I loved your dad very much. He was our Pastor for awhile. Your mother is one very special lady as well. They both have always been an inspiration. You are all in our prayers.

  20. Jennifer Stone Bates says

    Steve (& Annie), What absolutely outstanding, loving, CHRISTIAN family you come from!! The song……I have no words, just tears!! How wonderful to be able to create such a tribute to your Dad!! Keeping your family & Miss Lillian in my prayers!! Having lost both my parents now, Capt. Charles H. Stone & Jean, I understand your loss. I was blessed to be able to care for them in their home until they went home to be with Jesus! They were married 66 years!! Continued prayers for all!!!!

  21. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad! I attend New Hope and have only known your parents for a few years but I thought the world of them. I don’t think I will ever forget the time Lillian stood up to testify one night, telling a story or singing a song as she sometimes did; when she sat down, your Dad briefly stood up and said, “I’m Paul Chapman, and I approve that message!” What a sense of humor they both had! Wonderful people! I am so sorry for your loss but we have both read the end of the story and know that you will be re-united one day. God bless!

  22. Michelle Coughenour says

    I was raised in the same church PJ and Lillian attended. I was a small child taken to church by my aunt and uncle, Belva and Alvin Spry, who sometimes had prayer meeting at our home, PJ and Lillian attended often. Both PJ and Lillian are very special and wonderful christians. Its now 40yrs later and i still remember their testimonies and words of faith. My heart goes out to Lillian and all the family. I will keep you all in my thought and prayers. God bless you!

  23. John Shaffer says

    Steve, so sorry to hear about your dad. I’m sure that “well done” was the first words he heard on the other side of the veil. His legacy will continue on through all the lives that he touched over the years and the lives that you and Annie have impacted for the kingdom as well. God Bless you my brother- we will be prayin for your momma and all yours as well- John

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks John…Dad mentioned your song, “I’ll Be There” a few days before he died. He always liked it. Blessings on you and your family.

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