“For You” Steve sings with 2 Grand-girls

Our granddaughters (Heidi’s girls) are staying with us this week. While I was working on a new song called “For You,” Josephine (in the middle) and Lily (violin) came in and began singing along. We did a quick rehearsal then did this quick video. T’was a sweet moment for Papa…thanks to DeDe for recording us and to four-year old Sylvia (off camera) for quietly watching.


  1. Letcher & Carolyn McLemoe says

    BEAUTIFUL !! And the music is beautiful, too! Thanks for sharing with us. We hope to hear more from these lovely ladies…. and PAPA!

  2. Barbara Wren says

    I have enjoyed your music for a number of years and this was a terrufic find! Really enjoyed this song, the singers and the music. Happy to see you are still singing…

  3. Mark & Joyce Moldenhauer says

    Wonderful to hear you Steve and your 2 grand-daughters…they play and sing with the same feeling their grandparents play with. We look forward to hearing more from the whole family. Our family enjoyed the fellowship with fundraising concerts you and Annie put on in Kenai, Alaska for Right to Life back in the 90’s.

  4. Diane Gressmire says

    This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing you talents, dedication, & love with all of us. Many blessings to
    you. Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. Profoundly beautiful! First heard you and Annie at Bellvue Baptist in Memphis back in the fall of 1984. That was my first date with my eventual wife and was a great start to a relationship that has continued for over 33 years. Your granddaughters are so sweet, lovely, and talented, I think I could listen to this song for hours. God bless you and your family ministry!

    • Steve and Annie says

      We appreciate your kind and encouraging words. Will show your comment to the grandgirls. Blessings to you.

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