“Concrete Scars”

The video posted here is a “musical moving selfie” filmed along the new Highway 35 being constructed in Mason County, WV. The reason I’m at that specific place is because its within eyesight of the farmland where Annie grew up (and our family so greatly enjoyed visiting for many years). During the second chorus of the song the camera pans right, away from the 4-lane to the land being cleared for completion of the final 14 mile section. The Williamson Farm lies just over the hill beyond the first visible break in the timber. Obviously, the cut through the old home place is deep.

Please know that I’m not protesting road building by any means. I’m a fan of progress, especially when it benefits the masses. Plus, there are around 300 workers who have jobs because of the construction. Instead, I simply hope to remind travelers that while its true your tax dollars helped create the paved convenience and the lovely scenery you enjoy, there are yet others who paid even more than their hard earned money for it.

Thanks for listening, watching and sharing.


  1. Allison Kientz says

    Beautifully done and so well put. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Barb Gordon says

    Wonderful…except there was nothing about boys chasing deer…and young men wooing young women…

  3. Cindy Burns says

    Steve and Annie, love this so much! Thanks for making this video and great words to the song. Many great memories at the homestead I am sure.

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