This Is Why We Stand

An important reminder as we head to the football stadiums this fall…

This Is Why We Stand
For every little boy who wants to be
Just like his soldier dad he will never see again
This is why we stand
For every little girl who will marry someday
Without her soldier dad to give away  her hand
This is why we stand
For every brokenhearted dad and mom
Waiting for a soldier child to come home
On that Angel Flight, and they watch it land
This is why we stand for the red white and blue
As they sing those words written down for me and you
To remember, freedom has a price
To say our thanks for their sacrifice
This is why…this is why we stand 
For every tear that falls through the night
From the face of soldier’s lonely wife…she’s missing him
This is why we stand
For every family table with an empty chair
Cause a son or a daughter won’t be there to hear “Amen.”
This is why we stand
For every wound and every scar
That can be found on a soldier’s heart…
and in their mind and on their skin
We stand…Cause every reason we can
Has a name, and a face, and they fight to keep us safe
S Chapman. 9 29 17 
Times & Seasons Music, Inc



  1. Alice Click says

    Radio DJ — Asked this question — Did we ever think there would be a time in America — of all places — that we would have to wonder “This is Why We Stand” …

  2. Thanks for this beautiful and timely song.

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