Daddy’s Best Sermon

      Fathers Day always reminds me of what a great Dad my sister and I had. The song “Daddy’s Best Sermon” was written as a birthday gift to Dad when he was still with us. He’s been with the Lord since Nov 28, 2015.

      Paul J Chapman pastored for many years in Point Pleasant, WV. The song lyric you’ll hear in the video highlights the fact that his great skill in the pulpit was backed up by his integrity as a husband and father. My Mother, Lillian, my sister, Jeannie, and the members of each of our families are proud of his legacy and we look forward to seeing him again.


“Daddy’s Best Sermon” is available at this time only as a free video view. If you, too, were raised in the home of a Dad who was a pastor and who earned your respect, I hope you’ll share this song with him.

Steve Chapman


  1. You once had an album with a song about a husband and wife. The wife had cancer and I believe it was “No Regrets” or “We Have No Regrets”. Do you still have this wonderful song on a cd? I have a friend whose husband has stomach cancer and was talking to her about this song. Can you help me?

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thank you for your inquiry about the song, “No Regrets.” It is on a currently available CD called, Family Favorites. You can see it on our music page.
      Regarding your friend’s husband, we pray that God will show Himself mighty on his behalf. May he receive a touch from The Great Physician and we pray that
      his family will be strengthened as they minister to his needs. Thanks again for connecting with us.
      Steve & Annie

  2. I appreciate that song. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Awesome tribute to your Dad, Steve. Your Dad was the kind of man who practiced what he preached. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Joy Goffena says

    What a great song to honor your father. I hope that our children saw the same things in my husband. Our daughter is walking closely with the Lord but our son isn’t. It is l our prayer that he will come back to his heavenly Father & become this kind of example to his children. Love your music. Wish you did concerts in our part of the country….MY but understand it’s a long way from TN.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks Joy…we appreciate your kind comment. May the Lord grant the desires of your heart regarding your child. We’d love to get back to Montana for concerts…even though it is a “fer piece” from TN. It would be worth the trip. Montana is my favorite western state. God really shined extra when he created that part of our world. S&A

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