“Tell Me A Huntin’ Story”

Harvest House Publishers has provided advance copies of this book for outdoorsmen and women called “Tell Me a Huntin’ Story.” It was cowritten with my Indiana friend, Don Hicks. Hear our comments in this video about this new collection of stories that we are confident will both entertain and enhance the lives of our fellow hunters. Click HERE to order a copy for yourself or a hunter in your life!


  1. Ed Danner says

    Steve…my wife and I attended a concert in Plain City, OH this spring at Der Dutchman! I came over to your table and introduced myself and bought your book “A look at life from a deer stand.” I could identify with just about every story, feeling and the majesty of God in the woods. Gave it to my son! Getting two more books , one for me and one for my lost brother!!
    I am/was a mutual friend of Charlie Alsheimer and saw your video eulogy when my wife, Kathy and I attended his funeral in January. We loved the concert and just wanted to say hello from Marion. Thanks for your music and inspirational tales from the woods…Ed

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks for your very kind comments about the book and thanks for getting additional titles. Blessed seasons to you! Steve Chapman

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