A Very Encouraging Letter

We recently sang at a church in Cookeville, TN and included the song, “Let’s Call It Even.” In response to the story in the song that features the reconciliation of a dad and a daughter, a sweet lady approached us after the morning service and said she was moved to go see her dad. She told us that her relationship with her father had not been good and to make the challenge even harder he had Alzheimers disease.

We advised her to pray that God would give him an awareness of who she was when she visited him so some healing conversation could happen. A couple of weeks later we received the letter shown below. We were given permission to post it but for the sake of her privacy we blurred her last name and the name of the church. We offer this as an encouragement to anyone who longs to reconcile with a parent or any family member or friend.

(If you’d like to hear the song, click on the blue colored title above or see our blog at this website titled, “Let’s Call It Even.”)


  1. John acuff says

    The next time you are singing in Cookeville I want to know.
    This ladies step of faith is inspirational


    1 931 510 0598

  2. Chris Kearney says

    Shalom my dear brother and sister is service of the ‘Mighty Counselor’

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