Steve’s New Book…”The Hunt for Faith”


  1. Gary Brannon says

    Mr. Chapman
    I have enjoyed reading your book Tell me a Hunting Story and the devotional A Look at Life from a Deer Stand. I am an avid hunter and Christian so both really appeal to me. I wouldn’t normally try and reach out to say this but I just read the devotional Safety Belt and it jumped off the pages at me. What a great comparison and full of truth, plus it includes a verse from the Bible that has spoke to me in hard times (2nd Corinthians 12:9). I bought 3 of these devotionals. One for me and one for each of my 2 best friends and hunting partners for 40 years. I just want to say thank you for what you have written and what you openly stand for.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Gary…thank you for your kind words about the books and an added thanks for getting extra copies for your friends. I’m honored that you’d gift them to guys you’re so close to. May all of you have safe and successful seasons ahead. SChapman

  2. Clay Dunnavant says

    Thank you for all of the books and devotionals you have put out. Think I have read most of them. This past March 20, my hunting and fishing partner, my dad, got to go fish the greatest lake ever. He taught me life and he taught me how to be a man, and he showed me Jesus. Since his passing, I made it a priority to Go Deeper, “ A Look At Life Through the Eyes of a Deer Stand”.

    I have been saved for a long time but I want to know Him better. I almost finished The Hunt for Faith and going to pass along to a friend, who I hope passes along. Thank you for taking your passion and tying it back to God. I love it.

    God bless

    Clay Dunnavant
    Tatum, Texas
    East Texas close to the Louisiana state line

    • Steve and Annie says

      Clay…my thanks for letting me know that you have enjoyed my books. It makes all the work involved worth it. Sorry to hear that you lost your best fishing buddy. A good Dad is such a huge blessing to a man. I had one, too. He got to enjoy creation and now he’s enjoying the presence of the Creator. What an amazing thought! I hope it comforts your heart.
      Blessed seasons to you…S Chapman

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